Monday Mishaps: Just Plain Confusing

Monday again! Where on Earth does the time go? I haven’t had too many mishaps lately, thank heaven. I did have one while dyeing over the weekend though.

If anyone has ever dyed, you know it is a very meticulous process; there are a lot of things that can affect the way your colours come out. From adding a little more dye into the mix, using an unexhausted dye bath, or just plain unforeseen circumstances.

Blue Spill 2

I don’t know if this will be a very good story for you because I am still not sure exactly how everything went wrong.

I decided to do a bunch of dyeing to up my current stock. I wanted a lot more of the Garnet Label available since I think the most likely thing people would make with that yarn is a sweater and to make a sweater, you need more than two balls of yarn. Come to think of it, I really didn’t have a great colour selection in that base either. I decided to do four skeins in the colour Evergreen.

Usually when I am dyeing I write down everything I do in order to make it easier to reproduce results. One of my possible theories is that I put more dye in the second time around and the second green was just plain darker than the rest. Looking back I also could have used an unexhausted dye bath from a different colour and that is why the next green is a little bit of a different colour. Perhaps it could have been a blue?

Different Greens

Over all I chalk this one up to not taking careful enough notes. If I had noted exactly what I was doing, I would have known the precise amount of dye I was to use. Yet another brain damage moment!

I actually had another episode of the purplepocolypse, but this time it was with the blue dye. I managed to get a picture before I had actually cleaned everything up!

Blue Spill