Technical Tuesday: Double Knitting

Double knitting is an intermediate to advanced technique which allows you to create a double thick, two layer, reversible fabric. You can knit in one colour and create a really amazing potholder, or you can use different colours and make a pattern on both sides!

I have a slight compulsion about symmetry. I hate it when something looks great on one side but a complete shamble on the other! There were some knitting kits I have seen for blankets and throws; they look really cool on one side and the other side looks horrible! This is the only thing that has prevented me from buying a couple of these kits.

I’ve found a few videos on this subject, but they don’t have the best vantage point and lighting. This is the one I have used a couple times, and seems quite simple.

On the other hand this four part tutorial is a little more comprehensive.

I have wanted to try this technique since I saw my friend Lindsey had written this pattern on Ravelry. It’s a beautiful cowl that uses the double knitting technique. Now that I have watched a couple of the videos for double knitting I will be able to knit this pattern.