Monday Mishaps: A Ball of a Different Kind

This week’s Monday Mishap is brought to you by Paul’s baseball team! When this mishap happened, he wasn’t actually on the team yet, we were just going to watch the game and have dinner with some friends. The games are in St Catharines and this one was at 6:00pm, that means we have to leave at 5:00pm and we finish work at 4:30pm. I know it is Monday but if you complete that math, we had approximately 15 minutes to grab our stuff and go.

Since I was going to be watching a baseball game I was, obviously, going to bring some knitting. My problem was, I didn’t really have anything started. Yes, I had Shauna’s mittens, but there are multiple colours and several balls of yarn that go with it. I didn’t want to haul everything out to a baseball field and have it come back in a tangled snarl.

Instead of stopping to consider my options I proceeded to run around like a chicken with my head cut off. I pulled out drawers and rifled through them, looked through old bags I had stored yarn in. Just looking for SOMETHING easy I could take with me. Since I didn’t have something easy, I ended up shoving my grandmother’s sweater into a bag and found some baby blue yarn that had the potential for a baby blanket.

Cables of Sweater

I figured the blue yarn would be great for making a snuggle sack for my newest nephew, due in July. The snuggle sacks are all stockinet so If I was feeling particularly brain dead I could always cast on that. I really wanted to work on my grandma’s sweater though. I need to get that done soon. We headed out the door at five and I was fully intent on making progress on this sweater.

When we got to the field we discovered the game had JUST been cancelled, so not only did we drive 45 minutes for a game that was no longer happening, I wouldn’t be able to work on any knitting. The night ended up being pretty good regardless of my scrambling before we left. A group of six of us ended up playing Cards Against Humanity.


What I have learned from this experience is to always have something on hand I can grab and go. I think I will start several easy projects JUST for this purpose! I usually don’t think I need to get my knitting in order until it is already too late.