Mother’s Day

I hope all the moms had a lovely Mother’s Day this past weekend! I got to see both my mom and my mother-in-law-to-be. Considering that they live four hours apart and Paul and I live in between, we did quite a bit of running around.

We went to see Paul’s family on Saturday for dinner. It being Mother’s Day and all, we went out to eat. Both of Paul’s brothers were there and Paul’s middle brother’s fiancée. I got to hear a bit about what they were planning for their wedding since boys aren’t as interested in that kind of thing. I got to press all kinds of unsolicited advice onto Allie, but she took it all in with good humour. I am very excited that Chris and Allie’s wedding is going to be three months after ours! It is going to be a very exciting year for all! Allie and I kept telling Patrick (the youngest) that he is next!

That is enough wedding talk though! This is about Mother’s Day! I have to pose the question, what did everyone get their mom for Mother’s Day. I never really know what to get my mom, usually there isn’t anything in particular that she as an unusual burning desire for. Paul’s mom is easier because she requests that if we insist on buying her a gift, we get her gift cards. As much of a cop out as many people think that is, this is what she wants! My mom doesn’t really express an outright desire for things, so I have to guess a little bit.

This year I ended up getting her a Pandora bracelet. I have one as well, and I thought about getting one of the mother/daughter charm where we both have one and they fit together. Those are as expensive as buying two charms though, and when you’re already getting the bracelet on top of that…

Pandora Mom Charm

I decided to go with a vintage ‘loving mother’ charm. I think it is her style and it looked good. I already have ideas to build on it at a later time, next holiday perhaps?

Seriously though, what do you get the mom who has everything? If only they sold time; the person who learns to package that up would make a killing on Mother’s Day.