Technical Tuesday: Entrelac

Entrelac knitting is one of the most visually interesting techniques I’ve seen. It looks like the knitting is woven over and under each other, but it is actually knitted separately. From the first moment I saw an Entrelac picture I had been very intimidated; surely it was very complicated and took a long time to master. Once I finally tried it, I learned that if you can knit purl and pick up stitches you would be fine!

Alanna Entrelac

The picture above is the Entrelac scarf Alanna had knit for me! It was knit with Noro Silk Garden yarn and has long colour shifts in it. I believe Noro is recommended because the length of the colour shifts make it look like each square is a different colour. This scarf is one of the most complemented knitted items I own. I remember I had so many requests for one when I first started wearing it that I had to stop following up on them because I would be knitting forever.

This video is excellent, it gives you the basics so you could try it yourself! The swatches she is knitting are perfect because the colours contrast so well. I will admit that I don’t really like the sweater they have there as an example. If you need a place to find more Entrelac examples and great patterns I would HIGHLY recommend Rosemary Drysdale’s book Entrelac: The Essential Guide to Interlace Knitting.


It is a rare thing that I find a book where I love all the patterns in it. Not like, LOVE. I actually just realized there was a second Entrelac book and I am very seriously considering hunting it down because I like the first one so much.

Rosemary Drysdale gives you the basics of Entrelac knitting, how to work stitch patterns into your Entrelac knitting and several patterns. I would normally tell you which pattern is my favourite, but I honestly cannot choose. I love them all. I heavily endorse this book and if I ever meet Rosemary Drysdale, I am going to fan-girl out… hardcore.