Technical Tuesday: Wonderfully Weaving Wool

One of the best skills I have learned in knitting is weaving. As with most people, I hate weaving in ends. When you hold a finished garment in your hands, strings dangling all over it, the last thing you want to do is weave in all those ends. With this technique you can weave them in as you go and join another ball into a large project without making a knot.

When you are weaving in another ball you are always working with two strands. Hold the strand from the new ball with your left hand and follow the video below!

When you still have a length of your original ball left, switch the yarn in your hands. Continue working in this manner until your original ball runs out. If you check your work, you will see that you have successfully continued with your working yarn. There is no visible sign that you’ve started another skein!

Fare Isle Nordic

This technique is also really great for Fair Isle knitting; it helps to neaten up the wrong side. One thing that always prevented me from knitting a great deal of Fair Isle was how messy the back looks. If you made gloves your fingers would get caught along the inside of the mittens on all the strands at the back.

Inside Nordic

To save yourself from lining every garment, if you carry the colours behind your knitting the back will look much neater. I constantly use this technique, but I wouldn’t suggest it if there is the slightest chance you’re going to be ripping your garment back. It is particularly hard to find the ends in order to unravel your garment.