Monday Mishap: Soak Box Mittens

This Monday’s mishap happened recently, when I was knitting up the mitten for the soak box review, they fought back. I’d been trying to get them done in a short period of time, which should not have been excessively difficult since they are small and made from a sport weight yarn. However, on the first read through of the pattern, I managed to confuse myself.

The chart for the faux cables was not a particularly difficult one, I usually highlight my patterns to keep track of either cables to the front and back or SSK and K2TOG. I didn’t do that this time because of the paper the pattern was printed on. The glossy flier paper prints beautiful pictures but I did not think it would lend itself well to being highlighted.

FL Mittens Soak

That only caused the chart to go a little more slowly than I expected. The really interesting part was creating the overlap around the wrist. The way I read the instructions felt incomplete, I decided that I should just try it and maybe I would see what it meant when I got there. As I followed the directions step-by-step, I had a light bulb moment and figured out what I was supposed to do. I knit that section and moved onto the next segment of instructions.

Had I kept reading, I would have realized there was a more detailed explanation of the overlap a couple rows down. I was now attempting to execute the overlap when I had already completed it. I took way too long to realize what I was attempting to do. I had a huge facepalm moment. I recently had to explain what a ’facepalm’ was so, for those of you who don’t realize what it is…

Facepalm Intro


And this is considered the double facepalm.

Double Facepalm

After I had realized I was attempting to follow instructions I had already followed, I realized I was going to be knitting the wrong way. Instead of nice stockinet stitch, the purl side would have been facing out. At this point I had enough with the frustrating evening I was having and boldly turned my knitting, slipped a stitch and continued knitting the opposite direction. During the second mitten, I realized there was a wrap and turn there, which would have prevented the small hole I have in the wrist area.

FL Mittens Soak Wrist

Needless to say the next mitten went much MUCH easier, BUT, there was a huge mistake that I only realized after I had finished. I should have thought it was too easy and nothing would ever go that smoothly. I asked if anyone noticed what happened with the mittens, it’s not immediately obvious.

 FL Mittens Both

The cuff on the right side mitten is inside out. I managed to put them on differently. Sigh. At least it is not really obvious.