Functional Friday Review: Soak Box

This is a review of the soak box ‘Cuff au Lait’ I won from Johanne’s Knitn’Stitch. This limited edition Soakbox includes a 3 oz bottle of Soak and Handmaid luxury crème in Lacey, a custom skein of hand-dyed Lorna’s laces yarn, matched nail polish and a finger-less glove pattern designed by Fiona Ellis.

Soak Box

I am partial to the soak scent celebration, my friend Lena put me onto it originally. I am lucky to have a friend with such good taste in these things since I am particularly sensitive to scent. The scent Lacey is a subtle scent, as are most soak fragrances I have come into contact with. I still prefer Celebration, but as I said, I am quite sensitive to aromas. I think it is genetic because my mother is like that too.

I tried the hand crème and, as I work with a lot of paper, I know good moisturizer. It is enriched with shea butter, olive oil and vitamins A and E. It is lightly scented and the moisture lasts. Usually my hands get very rough and I need to reapply constantly. Luckily this kept my hands protected!

Soak Contents

The yarn included with this kit was Lorna’s Laces, a custom dyed skein. Normally I am not one for lighter colours, but I really grew attached to this one! I think it is a light brown, but there are purple tones in it as well. Sometimes when I look, it is a taupe colour, other times it looks like a lavender colour.

It is an extremely soft sport weight yarn. I had a little trouble with splitting, but that was more the needles I was using than anything else. As soft as the fiber was, it was not to slippery to be considered easy to work with. I had no problems with it aside from occasionally putting my needle through the yarn instead of under it.

Soak Fingerless Mitts

The matching nail polish is an interesting touch. I usually don’t worry too much about making my nail polish match the mittens I am wearing or my outfit, but it lends a bit of class. Something I don’t have in excess. I was raised in a barn… literally.

Finally, the pattern itself! I will not lie to you, the first time I went through this pattern I was very confused. However, I think that is more me than the pattern. The cuff is knit back and forth, and then overlapped when joined into the round. This creates a cute little crossing effect by the wrist.

Soak Mitt Cross

From there up, it is very easy and a quick knit. For the second glove, knitting the cuff went by much faster than the first. I was able to complete all but the thumb in an evening. I am going to post this picture of both the gloves side by side and see if anyone notices what is different. These mitts aren’t the same, can anyone spot my mistake? Comment below if you can!

 Soak Both Mitts

Overall I was happy with the soak box. It would be a great gift for a knitter. The 3oz bottles of hand crème and soak are small enough that, if you do not appreciate the scent as much as others, you aren’t left with excess. You still get yarn and nail polish, which is always a winning idea.