One of the Keys to Happiness is a Bad Memory

Memory aids continued!

I find this is really dependent on how you learn. I found reading things out loud and putting the statement into my own words to be beneficial. But I also used a lot of colour. In school I took notes in different colours for different subjects and highlighted the important passages. Since there are only so many colours of highlighter I used similar colours for similar subjects. Yellow for english, history, philosophy; green for biology, math, and psychology.

It takes 60 days to build a habit. Technically it takes 30 days to build the habit and 30 more days to reaffirm it. Lately I’ve been trying to remember to floss. I know that is something that EVERYONE could do more. I know I have failed constantly to floss, partly because it is an awkward process and partly because I worry the cats will grab the used floss out of the garbage and choke on it. Instead of charging forward with brute force, I looked around and found pre-strung floss. I am sure you have seen them in grocery stores, the little floss wands. I already have the habit of brushing my teeth every morning, so I just tacked it onto that one. I have my little floss wands next to my toothbrush. That way, there is no way to forget. I would love to continue on this subject simply to say floss wand a couple more times.


Researchers say the strongest link to memory is scent. One thing I’ve read lately was, on your wedding day to wear a new perfume you like. Then only wear it on your anniversary, or when you’re feeling particularly sentimental. This can be used as well in a class situation. I used to chew different flavours of gum in different classes, next time you’re going to a class (knitting, education, job related or other) chew gum, have a hard candy, wear a scent and see how much more you retain. The smell of Soak always gives me happy feelings because I associate it with finishing a large project.


Relating new information to things you already know is a great way to retain information. I think of it like lego blocks; separate chunks of knowledge lined up on a surface will still fall and scatter if you tip the surface. However you attach them together and build them one on top of each other they stay together.

The only memory ‘trick’ I have left is writing. I write everything down because I know I won’t actually remember. I carry notebooks everywhere and anytime I think of something I put it on paper. When I write something I intend to do or a good idea I have I am more likely to follow through on it. It’s also a good idea to have a notebook beside your bed so you can get all those last minute thoughts out. It’s really hard to sleep when you’re focusing on not forgetting something.

Does anyone have any other memory tricks I missed? What helps you retain information or reminds you to complete a task?