What’s Up Wednesday

Wednesday! The halfway point of the week; where it doesn’t look entirely too hopeless! The light at the end of this tunnel is a sunny and beautiful day, not a train. You can’t tell I am looking forward to the weekend, can you?

Yarn Drying

Friday night, Dave messaged me from Johanne’s Knit n’ Stitch saying that I should come in the next day. I responded by asking if there was something in particular they needed or if I should bring anything. Apparently there was a surprise there for me. Man! I know he did that on purpose! Friday after they’re closed he tells me to come because there is a surprise waiting… argh! I almost died of curiosity. As my mind ran over the possibilities I tried to narrow it down. I hadn’t ordered anything, as far as I knew there wasn’t anything coming in that I was asking about. What could it be?!

Johanne usually has draws and you get a ballet with every purchase. I never win stuff like this, ever. The last draw was a Soak box with a skein of Lorna’s Laces yarn, matching nail polish and two bottles of soak. I was the one who won it! It was really nice to finally win one. I am going to open it up and check it out, I’ll let you know what I find.

Before I headed over to Johanne’s, Alanna came over and we dyed some yarn! She was curious about my dyeing process, so we spent the whole morning putting colour to yarn!

I had ordered a few new colours including bright purple, deep purple, gold and an emerald green. I dyed a few custom orders bright purple and bright blue striped, and deep purple and gold striped. They turned out well, I am going to knit them into socks.

Yarns Collage

We also dyed emerald green, which is beautiful with the slight sheen the Blueface Leicester has.  The second skein is Magenta and black, I’ve seen a black and red yarn called ‘Vampire’s Kiss’ I think I would call this one ‘Barbie Vampire’ or ‘Vampirette’. The last one is just a duplicate of the bright blue I made my socks from.

HD Blue Sock

Speaking of socks, I finished the blue ones. I remember I said I was knitting them a little tighter. They feel better than the previous ones I’ve made, but I really haven’t broken them in. I’ll have to give you an update after I’ve spent more time in them. I am really curious about how the yarn will hold up. Apparently you want to have nylon in the fiber you make socks from. The synthetic fiber makes your garment a little more durable. The yarn I used for these socks is 100% merino wool, but looking into some other sock yarns, they are made with 100% merino or BFL. Even extremely popular brands like Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock. It’s all in the way they are spun. I can’t wait to see how this works out.