Day Three NYC

Things are winding down here in NYC, I must admit that I am a little glad. I am starting to run out of steam! I am excessively tired tonight, lets hope this blog post doesn’t really reflect that…

Today I had one class split into two, three-hour segments. It was a really interesting technique taught by Laura Bryant. Everyone has had variegated yarn turn out badly, I don’t care who you are, if you’ve knitted with yarn that changes colour, it’s happened. Even if you decided to rip it out, it still counts. Laura uses gauge and tension (very VERY simply put) to make hand dyed yarn pool into specific patterns! We learned how to create an argyle pattern, stacking, chevron and this interesting watercolour style gathering. It wasn’t specifically a pattern, but the colours gathered and still looked much more attractive than if the garment had been knit without the forethought Laura’s technique provokes.

This is one of the samples Laura brought to class, being modelled by my friend Kim Orlando

She has a book out called Artful Color and Mindful Knits, with pattern exploring this technique. I looked through someone else’s copy at the beginning of class, it didn’t take me long to decide that I needed this book. I also wanted her to sign it, since she was in the immediate vicinity. I quickly texted Paul to see if he would be able to pop down to the marketplace and purchase a copy, but he was at the hotel gym and wouldn’t be able to go until later. Impatient to own this book, I ran down during the 1.5 hour break in the class and grabbed it. Man am I glad I did; they were sold out by lunch time, which is when I would have ended up buying it had I not been so impatient.

This is the swatch I made during class, do you see the diamond pattern?

At noon I had a lecture, that was based on creating patterns, but I wasn’t really interested. I thought it would be about figuring out what stitches to use when you have an idea for something. Instead, the lecture was mainly about places this designer found inspiration. I have no end of inspiration, really! It is just a matter of putting those ideas down onto paper. I carry two to three notebooks around with me and always write down ideas that strike me. I draw diagrams and everything, but I’ve still not gone into the software and put cursor to screen.
Lunch had to be quick, since I had less than an hour, so Paul and I jumped over to the McDonalds across the street. This had to have been the biggest McDonalds I’ve ever seen in my entire life. There seven tills and they were all busy! It was two floors for crying out loud!!
After the quickie lunch, I finished off my class with Laura Bryant, and the second half was just as good as the first half.
I had an hour and a half before the marketplace closed and I had to go into the VKL Gala. I searched for my buttons! I had actually found buttons on my first day in the marketplace; the first visit actually. Something about them just felt right, I looked at them and thought, “Those would be perfect.” Seeing as I had not checked out the rest of the marketplace, I didn’t feel right about buying them then and there, so I kept walking. Earlier today I went to visit them again and asked about the price. I had a little bit of sticker shock from them, I won’t lie to you. I immediately decided NOT to get them, especially when I thought the price was WILDLY outrageous.

This is a picture of the 6th floor marketplace ceiling.

I toured around the 5th floor, which I had not explored so far, and looked for alternatives. I found some cool glass buttons; they were blue, sparkly and just as expensive as the first ones. I thought I would more than likely break glass buttons and decided against them. I couldn’t stop thinking about those first ones, so I put it to the ultimate test. Did Paul think it is worth it? He ended up agreeing that I would more than likely regret not purchasing them and now my Coolbreeze Cardigan has buttons!! Side note: they’re not actually on the cardigan yet… just ready for when I finish it.
I dropped my shopping, and Paul, off at the room and headed down to get in line for the Gala. There was swag from the sponsors on all the chairs when we entered; this means they GAVE ME Malabrigo and Rowan yarn. Just GAVE IT TO ME!! The Malabrigo will actually match a hat I am going to make, when I get the time.
For the foodies reading this, the dinner was great! The starter was yellow beats, with goat cheese, walnuts and spinach. The main entrée was roasted chicken on a bed of mashed potatoes with gravy and diced roasted brussel sprouts. It was really good and if the wait staff had a sense of humour I would have asked them for another plate.
Dessert was flan… which I have discovered I do not like. There were actually several people with dietary restrictions at our table and they got chocolate covered strawberries instead of the strange, and creepy flan. However, my new New Yorker friend wasn’t able to partake, since the chocolate probably contained nuts, and let me have hers.
The keynote speaker was an amazing author, knitter and farmer by the name of Barbara Kingsolver. She gave an excellent slideshow and talk about her life on the farm and as a knitter, it made me want to go buy a sheep farm… right now. Perhaps I could go into angora bunnies, if you haven’t ever seen one it is worth the time to google an image.
That is pretty much the sum of the day. There were smaller things, but I covered all the really important bits. I’ll probably save the odd little anecdote for future uses. With that said… good night.