Day Two NYC

Day two of New York City knitting adventure complete!

This morning I had the class Hand-Painted Yarn: Customizing a Palette with Natural and Botanical Dyes with Rhonda Fargnoli. It was really REALLY interesting. You can make dye out of just about any plant! Rose pedals, violets, goldenrod, all flowers with natural colour! I’ve decided that is what I am going to do with any flowers Paul buys me in the future.
I actually took my first step into the realm of dyeing and bought a dye sample kit. They’re going to ship it home to me, but it has the five key plants that make the vivid colours. You may look forward to seeing hand painted yarn here in the future!
Lunch was at the Hard Rock Café, sorry to all the foodies reading, but Paul needed to get his collector glass.
After lunch was my class looking good coming and going; creating fabric with two attractive sides. I’ve never done a cable scarf because one side would be lovely and amazing, while the other side would be very ugly. However, Melissa Leapman taught us several stitches that may not be the same on both sides, but are very attractive on both sides. I also learned the basics of double knitting, which is very close to the linen stitch pattern; you just don’t do the wrong side purl-wise. I was dying for more of these stitches so I ran down to the marketplace and bought her Stitchionary. I think it will make a particularly good addition to my library.
I checked out the 6th floor market place for the little bit of time I had, and found someone who created… knitted glass! Apparently the process includes, knitting with wax, creating a mould, melting out the wax and piping glass into said mould. They are AMAZING! If I didn’t have a wedding to pay for, I would be headed home with a lot of knitted glass. There is a link to her work here.
My next engagement was Amy Herzog’s lecture, Knit to Flatter. The content was very interesting and mostly regarding what aspects of garments look best on what body types. It was a very captivating lecture and Amy did a great job of making it fun, not just a one sided lecture. She was hilarious and obviously didn’t stand on a figurative soapbox to tell you exactly how things should be. I usually go into a class or lecture and take everything with a grain of salt. Some teachers and speakers are really set in their ways and cannot imagine how their way would not be the best way for someone else. While I go into all lectures with a very flexible headspace and prepared to drill through a class or lecture to the core of what they’re trying to teach me. I didn’t have to do that with this lecture. Amy openly admits that you need to adjust things for your own purposes. She handed out bare bones tools and let you decide how to use them and how they would best benefit you. I really REALLY enjoyed her lecture and was completely captivated by her.
Immediately after Amy Hurzog’s lecture I went to the cocktail reception party. There were some hors d’oeuvres and wine. I wandered and found a few people I had seen from my classes earlier in the day. I also met a few new people whilst there! We made plans to sit together during the Gala tomorrow night. I suggested someone send up a flare when they found a seat, but I think the hotel personnel would frown upon that.
Dinner was much better than the Hard Rock Café. Some of the ladies in my second class were talking about food and where to eat nearby. The mentioned that 8th and 9th avenue have smaller restaurants that were less touristy, twice as good and half as expensive. Paul and I decided to just walk down there until we found something that either smelled really good or specifically heard something calling our name. As luck would have it, I noticed Chelsea Grill by Hell’s Kitchen. I had heard several people talking about Hell’s Kitchen and how mind-blowing the food was; so we stopped in there.
I cannot say enough about this place. The food was amazing, the service was great! It wasn’t a huge restaurant with an impersonal staff; everyone worked as part of a team. I think there were 5-6 employees working in the seating/bar area, and they all tag teamed off everyone else. A waiter picked up some dishes from our table before our waitress got there, and another waitress processed our payment while the waitress who helped us most of the time was helping another table.
Paul ordered chicken wings to start, and I got the blacked chicken Caesar salad. Both of these were incredible; my chicken was seasoned and cooked to perfection, while Paul’s wings were straddling the line between flavour vs. sauciness.
For the main entrée we shared bacon wrapped meatloaf with smashed potatoes and fried spinach. I don’t even know how to describe how good this meatloaf was, but if a picture is worth a thousand words… here is the rest of my post.