The Night Before Day One

Vogue Knitting Live tomorrow morning!!! I am just a little bit excited, if you can’t tell.

I haven’t finished my Coolbreeze Sweater yet; I just have to finish the sleeves and button band. Although there was a fatal flaw in my plan to finish in time for VKL 2014… buttons. I knew, somewhere in the back of my mind, that I needed buttons to finish said sweater, but the thought never really occurred to me in real time. I never thought, “Hey, I should pick up some buttons.”

Here is a teaser to hold you over until I am actually finished!

Theoretically I could finish off the sweater without the buttons, but I like to have them right there to determine size and spacing. I am going to look around at VKL and see if there are any really cool ones. I have also been meaning to check out the button store in Toronto. Hopefully I will find some at VKL; I think it would be nice and sentimental to get them while on a trip. I am going to take it with me and maybe I can finish it off while I am there!
I had to stop knitting it last night just before bed and start packing. I still have homework to complete for my classes Friday. Luckily there is only one class I have homework for and I am going to polish that off tonight. I repeatedly tried to convince Paul that he should knit my swatches, but he kept dodging my requests. Maybe I could negotiate more on that point if I played more of the video games he’s into.
I am keeping this post brief since we have an early flight tomorrow. I will also have much more to tell you then as well!