January Cleaning

Most people have a place where they craft; it’s a safe space, warm and full of happy thoughts. When Paul and I moved into our house, I took the third bed room as my crafting place. I furnished it with a bookshelf, reclining chair, table and my piano. This room was to be my catch-all craft/music room. In the months following the move, I never really felt at home in my room and ended up just going in, to practice piano or store things. Eventually we got some more storage for the living room and I kept most of my current and queued projects there.

Over time and ESPECIALLY this Christmas, my poor little area had completely overflowed. Paul and I were storing Christmas gifts and all manner of detritus in my room. I finally decided that something had to be done.
First of all, the chair had to go. It is a wonderful and comfortable chair, but it’s huge and totally overpowers the space. I had Paul and his friend, John, move it over to the spare bed room. Then I focused on getting as much junk out of the way as possible. I had to think about how I wanted the room to be put together.
After checking out the storage options at Ikea, I rearranged the furniture and let Paul and John put together my shelving system. I know what you’re thinking, “Michelle? You mean you and Paul didn’t assemble the Ikea furniture together?!” No. Way. There are many things Paul and I can do as a team… Ikea furniture is not on this list. We may be able to stand working together for the amount of time it takes to hold a board in place while the other one hammers. Anything longer than that would be akin to an apocalypse happening in the ninth circle of hell. As the Greek aphorism goes… know thyself; also know what would exponentially increase your partners life span, while not ending in divorce…
Once Paul and John had constructed said shelf, I had to organize my odds and ends of yarn. Let me tell you… it was a harrowing experience. I have yarn that people donated to me when they stopped knitting or crocheting. Looking at some of this yarn, I can see why they stopped. There is quite a bit of this fluffy, whispy… stuff? I am really not sure how to describe it, but wow. I saw all the random tiny balls of yarn I had left over from bigger projects and now I am planning what to do with them. I should knit everything up and donate it; when I find some time or when I am in need of a really simple project. In addendum to this thought, a lady at work just told me she is knitting blankets for an animal shelter. I ran home at lunch, gathered all the yarn I planned to donate and brought it back for her in time for the weekend. I am glad to know it is going to a good cause and I can help mitigate some of the cost for her. It also had the side effect of freeing up some space on the shelving system.
I managed to square everything away and make it look presentable, for the most part. I still haven’t done any really heavy organizing; I still need to take some things from the living room up to my room. They’re things like books, magazines, maybe a couple balls of yarn. For the moment though, I am happy with this arrangement. It looks 100x better.
As some of you may know, it is Vogue Knitting Live next week! I am really looking forward to going to New York. Especially since our hotel is right in Times Square! I am also really excited to visit the Vapianos in New York as well; upon writing these words, I just started salivating… yes the food WAS that good.
A couple days ago I realized I hadn’t finished anything new for myself to wear to VKL. I immediately went to my queue and checked what I thought I could finish off in a week. I started Tanis Fiber Arts Coolbreeze Cardigan; Alanna got me the yarn for my birthday and I LOVE the pattern. I know TFA yarn fairly well, so I know how it will relax and change after blocking. This took the heat out of the decision; I wouldn’t have to swatch, then block the swatch and do another swatch. I’ve been taking one photo of my progress at the end of every day; when I am finished I will post them all in order.
It is knit from the top down, so there is quite a bit of colour work in the beginning; I feel once I finish that, the rest will fly by.
There will be one more post before Paul and I head to the big apple, and I will be posting everyday while I am there! Keep an eye out!