I Think I Can, I Think I Can

I think I may have somewhat fixed the comments. For some reason, unknown to me, they aren’t working on mobile phones, but I just write here. I will have to get Paul into it since he is more technically savvy than I.

What have I been working on lately? I’ve made some really great headway with my grandma’s sweater. I am so close to being done the back and starting on the front. I always find once I start the front, its not long before I have it done. Unfortunately I decided I am going to do the back of the matching sweater immediately after I finish the back of this first one. This way I will be really motivated to finish it.
Aside from the sweater, I’ve been making more and more of the reflective hats. Everyone loves them. I am going to humour Dave and make a doggie sweater from it. It will probably be a big fad. The other day I saw someone walking their dog with a light up leash, but that was from the people in the condo next to ours. I swear they all have dogs and all the dogs have sweaters, coats, boots, hats or something! Whenever Paul and I drive by and see a dog without some form of clothing we get really excited and say, “Naked dog! Naked dog!”
I don’t think I mentioned last time, but I ordered custom license plates for my car! They came in on Thursday and we had them put on! I am really happy with them and I think I chose relatively well…
It’s a short post today because I am getting ready to head over for a family Christmas event. It is busy busy busy, but tis the season!