Happy Black Friday and Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! I hope there was a lot of turkey and post-turkey food comas! I saw a pin the other day that said “It’s not really a holiday unless you push yourself to the brink of alcoholism and diabetes.” Truer words have never been spoken.

I’ve slowly but surely been working on grandma’s sweater and it is coming along. I cannot wait to be done the back and start on the back of the second sweater *cries a little inside*, but they will be really nice when I am through and last forever. I manically chant this during all the cable work.
Since the gradient socks are done, I needed another small mindless project to carry on with so I didn’t go blind. I decided to continue my mom’s scarf with the cascade 220 and mohair. If you remember, I blogged about trying to find an easy stitch and knit it into a scarf. Something that was simple to knit, but didn’t look plain. I ended up finding the most complicated stitch I’ve ever seen in my life and hating it. I was trying to figure out what pattern I should do when I noticed my bias scarf.

I made the bias scarf from alpaca last year. I was completely in love with this pattern and did a whole whack of scarves in it. It was a faze… a wonderful faze full of easy to knit, lovely looking scarves. I slapped my forehead and berated myself for not realizing the bias was the PERFECT pattern for this yarn! Needless to say I’ve ripped out what I have and started fresh. It is going really fast, because I don’t have to pay much attention to what I am knitting. I can sit, watch TV or listen to an audio book without worrying that I am going to cable something the wrong way.
I feel like I am really burning my way through my HUGE list of things to knit. I swear the next thing I do after grandma’s sweaters will be one of the sweaters for myself. I’ve acquired quite a bit of yarn for my sweater list and I cannot wait to start in on it.