Swinging Back

Well Paul and I have been home for just over a week and are re-integrating into our lives slowly. I had hoped that it would be home and all normalcy would return. However, exactly a week ago, an illness in the family has prevented this. My work schedule has been hit and miss because Paul and I have been back and forth from the hospital. I have done a bit of hospital-wait knitting, but my nephew commandeers most of my attention.

Since returning, I’ve finished Carol’s Husband’s sweater. Other than being slightly tight in the armpits, it fits well. I gave her some samples of Eucalan wool soak just in case the slightly sheep-y smell of the Lopi bothered him. I know it bothers me sometimes. I was glad I didn’t finish it before I went to Chicago because I learned some really good tips for sewing a zipper into knitted garments.
After I finished that sweater I started working on my grandma and grandpa Bob’s sweaters. Technically I am working on grandpa Bob’s first. I figured ,the back is usually the hardest because it is the biggest, so I would start with the back of the biggest size. Grandma wanted something that was cabled and classy. Nothing too over the top, and comfy enough that they would really enjoy wearing them. We found a pattern for a beautiful cable pullover with a polo style collar. I purchased the pattern and began the necessary calculations to cast on. Looking at the pattern, I realized the entire back of the sweater is also worked with cables as well. The pattern is quite intricate so I briefly considered just knitting the back, but I would know it was supposed to be cabled. Curse my mania for perfection! I made quite a bit of progress regardless. I am almost ready to do the arm-hole shaping!
I’ve also casted on a pair of socks with the gradient yarn I bought from Knitcircus at Vogue Knitting Live. I can’t wait to see how the gradient turns out! Unfortunately I don’t have any good photos yet, but I do have a photo of Paul and Ethan getting ready for bed! Hopefully everything will work out for the best and all will return to normal soon!