Day Seven and Return Home!

Nov. 6th

Well it was our last day of touring; we go home tomorrow!

Today we rented a car and visited some hard to reach venues. Such as Downers Grove, where Knitche is located.
Today was by far the busiest day I’ve had since Paul and I came to Chicago. We were up early to pick up the car at 8:30am. Of course, it was pouring rain and I needed to carry everything I wanted for the day with me. I was bringing my knitting bag so I could finish off the tardis hat. Chicago has lived up to it’s name as the windy city, it’s cold on my ears and my hair flies around like crazy. The simply solution to this problem is a hat.

I decided to make a slouchy hat, since they’re so popular here. I didn’t really use a pattern; I took what I liked from two or three patterns and Frankenstein-ed them together. I am not going to lie, my decreases got a little wild in the end, but it is cute and it kept my ears warm for the rest of the day.
As I mentioned before, we were going to Downers Grove because they took my Shibui Silk cloud and wound each skein into thirds. I am extremely grateful for this because doing it the first time was the hardest part of the whole scarf. While we were there I checked out their store. It was an older building with two floors and lots of yarn.
I ended up finding the right size sock blockers I’ve been looking for! The Purple Purl has been sold out for the last several visits and I’ve almost given up. I grabbed the blockers, some novelty needles, a Harry Potter knits magazine and picked up my Shibui yarn.
Nov 7th
That is as far in my post as I had come last night. I was too tired to finish it, so here I sit in the airport with 45 minutes of free blogging time.

I’ll resume the events of yesterday!

After Knitche, Paul and I went to the Olive Garden. The last time I went to the Olive Garden was when they were in Canada. Needless to say I was very young and the only thing I remember was the bread sticks. They were good enough to leave a lasting impression. I was afraid I had built them up in my mind and no bread stick would ever be that delicious. It was a pleasant surprise when they were possibly more delicious than I remembered.

When I had finished carb-loading, we made our way to the magnificent mile. The mile of shopping in Chicago on North Michigan Ave with all the high-end retail stores of choice. Of course, this would be the COLDEST day since we arrived in Chicago, forcing us into more stores than we may have otherwise visited. Usually I bring a hat, scarf and mittens around, but only because I made them. So far, it hasn’t been cold enough to warrant that many knitted accessories. Yesterday, I used them all… and was still cold.I am not sure if this is normal or not, but there was a very intense police presence up and down the mile. There were at least six police people per block, on each side of the street. I felt very safe.

I was very surprised… Paul actually bought a couple things. There were these really nice long sleeved t-shirts with moisture wicking and cooling properties AND he got a really nice winter coat from Banana Republic. It was warranted because the only heavy coat he owns is one you are supposed to wear over a suit jacket.

Overall it was a successful outing. We also picked up a couple souvenirs as well.

After we had made our financial dent in the Magnificent Mile, we had to return the car. Walking around the city, Paul and I have gotten a general sense of the streets and where everything is. It is much different while driving because a lot of streets downtown are one way. Returning the car, we had to go around the block in a couple places because we ran into one-way streets.

Dropping our shopping at the hotel, we had to get over to Ohio and Clarke for the ghost tour. The bus was painted black and white with Ghost Tour written on the side.

The basic format of the tour consisted of our guide telling us the story associated with the site we were visiting and any personal experiences that have happened on the tour. When we arrived at the site, everyone on the bus would get out and explore around. For every location our guide had a photo, taken by someone from a previous tour, of a ghost or ghost-like form. She said, most people don’t have many experiences while on the tour, but they will get photos of the sites. When they are checking out their photos at home, they will notice the ghosts in the photos. She also requested that we send her any ghost photos we may capture while on the tour.

We were up early the next morning because I wanted to see Union Station before we left. It was a quick journey since the station was only a 15-minute walk there. Upon returning to the hotel, we bought a few last minute souvenirs and packed everything up.

Nov. 8th

There was no wifi at the airport so I am posting this today.
The flight went well, our plane was much bigger on the way home which was more comfortable and much less claustrophobic. Everything went well and we are now back home! The cats were very pleased to see us, I don’t think Chloe has spent much time on her own since we’ve been back; she is always in someone’s lap.After unpacking all the yarn, I feel a great need to organize my life. There are little piles of fiber everywhere. I am going to have to organize my new acquisitions better than this!

I also finished Carol’s sweater last night. I didn’t get any photos, but she promised to send me a photo of him wearing it! I’ll post that when I get a chance.