The End of the Gradient

Busy weekend! I wrote a post early because I doubted I was going to have time to write a post on Friday and have it up by the weekend; my doubts were confirmed. The end of this week has been pretty busy. Friday I headed to the mall for errands, then Johanne’s Knit n’ Stitch had their one year anniversary celebration. Saturday Paul and I helped set up and attended a friends Halloween party, and Sunday had our new dining room table delivered!

My mall errands aren’t really that exciting, or knit-worthy. I had hoped to replace the battery in my iPhone because it hasn’t been keeping up with me lately. I am not sure if it is from the new iOS update or just age, but I have the apple care, and battery is covered. I ended up not needing to replace the battery, apparently the new iOS has lots of things running in the back ground that are relatively unimportant. After turning off a large amount of these things, my battery life has been much better.
I figured while I am at the mall I may as well make the final payment on my wedding band. It’s not due until next week, but odds are I won’t remember to go in and will have to make a special trip. Two birds with one stone, so to speak. I actually made the last payment, but didn’t collect the actual rings. They are allowing me to make a 7th payment for the warranty in a couple weeks. Since I don’t need them for another year, it seems like a good plan.
After my mall escapade, I headed off to Johanne’s for the one-year birthday bash! The knitters brought current and past projects, so I brought my intarsia sweaters. I am still smitten with the colourful designs! I really haven’t had much of an opportunity to wear it in public. I really love the cold weather that is moving in.
I was looking forward to seeing all the projects people bring in; I’ve seen some things people have worked on, but usually it is a glance here and there of a project they are currently working on. The finished objects were amazing; there are a lot of really talented people in this community. There was a massive finished object pile that people could go through as they wished. Many colours and different fibers, it was a dream.
I made a Halloween bunt cake for the party on Saturday and I tried out the recipe for Johanne’s celebration. I hadn’t made a cake like this before and I really wanted it to turn out well. The cake was a big hit, everyone loved it. I was dying to cut into it because I couldn’t tell in the inside turned out! It looked fabulous
I also made cupcakes for Saturday, so I squeezed those into the morning. Paul and I headed over to our friends place around 3pm to help them get all set up. As it turns out, they had a surprise marriage course that morning and were running a bit behind schedule, so there was lots to do! Sara and I baked, while Piotr and Paul re-arranged furniture, finished costumes, and put together goodie bags. It was a great party, low-key, but that makes it good too. Mostly talking, photos and a LOT of food!
On the knitting front, I have finished my gradient scarf! Yaaaay! It turned out really well. My grafting on the ends was a little tighter than the stitches around it. You can see the line there, but other than that minor flaw, which is really hard to see, it’s great!
I love the subtle colour shifts, the light gold to dark gold is almost seamless, and so is the purple to brown shift. I am really glad I made the brown longer; I almost wish I had made it even bigger so it was more noticeable. The purple on both sides is a bold and beautiful colour; it almost takes over from the brown. You can see it though; there is a distinct stripe of brown between the two purple sections!
While I was finishing off the gradient scarf, I managed to prefect the shoulder letters for Carol’s husband sweater. I have finished the entire back, which is the hardest part, and have started on the front. I am making really good progress because 90% of figuring everything out, I had to do no the back. Now it is just knitting, with some really minor designing.
Now it is Sunday evening and as I finish off the post, Paul is putting together our kitchen table. Since I was super domestic Saturday morning with all the baking and decorating, we traded off and he is putting together the chairs.
The next post, will more than likely be either early or late, it is the creative festival next weekend and my parents come down for the whole weekend. I am really hoping to have Carol’s sweater done this week, so wish me luck and tune in to see what happens next!