Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers! Where is October going?! Time flies when you’re knitting like crazy I guess! Vogue Knitting Live is at the end of the month, I am getting on with Carol’s sweater, and I will hopefully be done my gradient scarf very soon!

I cannot believe how close we are to Vogue Knitting Live in Chicago! This will be my first plane ride… ever. I think it is a good place to start because it is only an hour and 45 minutes. I won’t have to deal with jet-lag or anything since there is only an hour time difference. We bought luggage a couple weeks ago, you know, since I have none. There was a 70% off sale, so why wouldn’t you?! I have no idea what to pack; I mean, clothes are obvious, but what extra things? Any friends I’ve talked to said they always packed too much on their first trip and I am determined not to make this mistake. I need room for the yarn I am going to bring back!!!

Since I don’t have too many photos for you, I am filling space with these!

Once or twice a week now, I realize how close this trip is getting and panic because I haven’t started the homework for the classes I am taking. I have to take a deep breath and remind myself that I have to finish the couple things I am working on and I will start the homework RIGHT after.
I am still working on Carol’s Husband’s sweater. It is turning out really well, but at the moment I’ve been having trouble formatting the lettering across the back of the shoulders. The pattern is very square so theoretically it shouldn’t cut off half a letter, but there are small decreases to allow the sleeve to fit in. Lately my brain has been too jumbled to figure it out completely. I am looking forward to finishing the back because it is the hardest part of the whole thing. Once the back is done, I will have the design for the front figured out, and be able to just knit it up!
On the nights when I am too tired to work on anything complicated I’ve been working on my silk/ kid mohair gradient infinity scarf. It is so amazing! When you squish the part I have knitted, it’s like touching a cloud. The gradient is working out beautifully as well. I decided to elongate the gold section because I didn’t want to have much yarn left over. It is $20 for a little skein, so help me, I was going to use it all. With the gradient, you change out a colour strand every 2.5 inches. With the gold, I changed it to five inches since there is no repeat of the light or dark gold in the pattern. The colour scheme pattern is going to go like this; purple, light gold, dark gold, purple, brown, and then it loops back to the first purple. The gradient is kind of noticeable between the first purple and the light gold because there is such a colour difference. The purple is very deep and rich, much like the chocolate brown. I am currently on the gradient from the second purple to the chocolate brown. You can hardly see it at all, I love the subtle changes. I think I may elongate the 2.5 inch section of plain brown as well. I can’t elongate any of the purple because I would not have enough to finish it, but that one section of brown I could. It may make the brown stand out a little more. I am worried that it will just look purple and gold and the brown will be completely covered.

As I frantically try to finish before heading to my parents for Thanksgiving dinner!

I think I may make another one in the future; I want the colour shift to be hardly noticeable. Maybe I will use the purple, brown, and some other dark colours as well. I will have to check what they have there; but not until I have knitted more of my stash. It is getting fairly out of control, the yarn keeps coming in and I am not knitting fast enough to make room for more… I will wait until after Christmas, at the very least.

If only…