Engagement Photos!!!

We got the engagement photos back today! They were well worth the wait. I am not going to post them all because there are hundreds. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the highlights reel!

Equal rights! I can do it too!!

Creeper in the background




Well… that was easy.

Maybe not…

Wait! Wait!

Awwww, he just wanted a closer look. Ring wraiths are so misunderstood.

Serious face

Special thank-you goes out to the WONDERFUL ladies at Black’s who helped me decide which ones to put in my frame! Chantal and Kelsey (sorry if I misspelt your names) I could have never put together such an amazing collage myself, or had so much fun doing it. Thank heaven Black’s is slow on Monday nights!
Our photographer’s website can be found here. Jesse James photography, how can you go wrong with a name like that?
Thanks Pat! You were the greatest ring wraith we could have hoped for, I am sorry that the sword was so heavy!