Business, Boots and Brains

Well, it is that time of the week again, blog post! Happy weekend. There may be an unexpected post this week. As most of you know, Paul and I had our engagement photos done on October 19th. Since then, I have been waiting on pins and needles to get them back. I finally broke down on Thursday and emailed our photographer, just for a quick update. He got back to me really quick and said he would be sending a link to the photos today or tomorrow. I will put them up as soon as I can.

Here is a teaser.

This week was also my first four full days back at work. I think the last time I updated about going back to work; I was having a really hard time with it. I went back to my family doctor for our regular two-week check-in and told her how I was doing. I was getting frustrated; she was getting frustrated for me. It had been five months! Why wasn’t I recovering? I am very lucky to have my family doctor, she is kind and empathetic, and she really cares about me as a person. So she suggested all the last resorts. I started taking restorative yoga, acupuncture, she sent out another hail of referrals to concussion clinics for me and we switched up the medications I am on.
To switch the meds, I had to cut down on the one I was currently on, take a day or two then start the next one. It took some time for the new meds to kick in, so there was a week and a half-ish maybe two where I felt totally and completely broken. Sometimes when I was resting the whole day and had a really good night of sleep, I would feel okay, and think back on how bad the pain was. I would begin to believe I imagined how bad it was or exaggerated the pain in my memory. There is no way it could actually be THAT bad, right? Wrong. It turns out the old meds were doing something for me, just not enough.
Like the night is darkest just before the dawn this was my dark hour. The new medication started working and I started acupuncture. With this combination, I felt amazing, almost back to normal. I felt great for a grand total of two days before I went back to my doctor. As soon as she saw me, she stopped in shock, and said “Oh my gosh, you look great!” Apparently when I feel bad, I look like something off the Walking Dead. We talked and she wanted me to wait three weeks, just to be sure this was not a house of cards about to collapse. She encouraged me to come back sooner if I had any problems or wanted to come back for any reason.
It was right after this appointment that I contracted the worst cold I have had in years…. I know, I’m cursed. At this point I was very glad of the three half day a week work schedule.
As soon as I got my system straightened out, I made a doctor appointment. Our plan was to send me back for half day Monday, full day Wednesday and half day Friday. Then two full days, then three, four and finally back to five. I was hoping to convince her to three full days right off the bat. I felt better, something was different, and I could feel it. When I expressed that I felt much MUCH better, almost back to normal, she said “well do you want to try four full days back?” BAM! I didn’t even have to wheedle my way into it!
I worked the remainder of the three half days a week, ready to start full days on Monday. It was probably one of the worst weeks to come back full days. The building was changing over their HVAC system and it was unusually hot Tuesday through Thursday. The warm stuffy temperature didn’t do much for my headaches. I had to extract myself a couple times and sit in the, slightly cooler, hallway. You will be pleased to hear that everyone survived and it was marginally cooler on Thursday, so I have high hopes for the temperature on Monday.
On a side note, the business cards for my blog came in! They are really really cute! I’ve been giving them out like crazy. Although, I ordered them online and they sent me some of mine and some of someone else’s. I had to contact the company and let them know about the mix up. Hopefully the rest of the cards will be here soon! I am really excited for them.
Another random side note, Johanne’s KnitnStitch has see-through rubber boots!! They’re worn so you can show off your hand-knit socks! They only come in a couple sizes and I know 9 is the biggest. I am usually an 8.5 or a 9 in shoes and the 9’s fit me perfectly.
Now for a quick knitting update. I am still working on Carol’s Husband’s sweater. I’ve been making steady progress, but have slowed down a bit this week. With the first full week back at work, it has been exhausting. I have worked on my gradient, seed stitch scarf a bit, it is a really easy pattern so it is nice for the days when I don’t even feel like I could handle a complicated pattern. Everything is going well though, the knitting is happening, work is happening, life is moving forward!