This one is for Carol!

I am finally getting over this cold! Some days it still hits me a little harder than others, but for the most part, I am much better.

Projects currently on going, I’ve got the sweater for Carol’s husband, which is turning out great! I bought more of the reflective yarn with my gift certificate, so there will be more hats. I still pluck away at mom’s tomato bisque socks, when I get the chance.
Carol will be glad to see an update about the sweater; I know you’re waiting in anticipation! Since I am designing the pattern myself, the going is a little slower than I am used to. I’ve had to rip out a couple rows and do them a bit differently because I wasn’t happy with the end result. Actually when I first started I had to rip out the entire thing because my gauge was off. I used a basic pattern for a starting point and when I knit my swatch my gauge was on the small side. I know, that never happens!! My gauge is usually so lose; I have to go down several needle sizes in order to make the appropriate size. This time I had to go UP a needle size. However when my gauge was still a bit small I used the next size up as a reference because I didn’t want to keep upping the needle size. If I had done so, the weave would have been so lose, the wind could blow right through. I made a sweater that has this exact problem; while not that bad, it is certainly not a feature you want in a lopi sweater/jacket.
I kept my needle size and the beginnings of my sweater looked small. When I measured it up, I needed about 3.5 more inches in width, so I adjusted my size again and started over.
I am really happy I did, the size looks great and if my gauge is a little tighter because I am purling intarsia, it is okay. When I first started knitting intarsia, the thought of doing it purl-wise almost made me have some kind of aneurism. However, after Paul’s sweater and the Eagle Sweater, I’ve gotten the hang of it, now if I could just find a way to make the patterns easier to follow when I am doing it… That might take some time and trial and error though. We will see how it goes.
The hats! When I went home for my birthday I brought a few to show my mom. Like I mentioned all my aunts and uncles were there. One of my uncles drives a snowplow in the winter; my aunt grabbed the day-glo orange hat and declared it would match the shirt he has to wear while on the plow. It fit, and since it was his birthday on the first I gave it to him as a birthday present. After that, there were orders… many orders. I think this is going to be a Christmas thing. EVERYONE GETS HATS!!! They are nice hats, so it is nothing to sneeze at, surprisingly soft. I thought they would be rougher because of the reflective material running through.
Today Paul and I are headed to his parent’s place where Paul will be helping them renovate a bathroom. So, I am bringing lots of yarn. Paul’s brother, Chris, his girlfriend, Allie asked me if I could teach her to knit, so I am bringing the reflective yarn and think a hat would be an amazing first project! It would go so quickly and she would have a finished object to take home. That is what I am going with, in the round may be awkward to start, but I’ll keep a close eye on her and it should be fine.