I’m Nothing if not Honest

Okay, here is the promised post for the Julissa.

Julissa front lace pannel

Before Mom and I went to the Purple Purl, I knew I was going to get TFA yarn. I wanted to pick a pattern in advance so I could choose a colourway that would complement the sweater and highlight details properly. I searched around on Ravelry under the term ‘sweater’ for a while, but nothing was really striking me. I found the French Braid cardigan on the TFA Ravelry project page, but I still wasn’t satisfied. I was nonplussed, where the heck am I going to find a pattern? I wasn’t about to wade through the hundreds of thousands of Ravelry hits I got, so I checked the books. I went through the many knitting books on my shelf and tried to find something I was in the mood for, again, nothing jumped out. That’s when it struck me, Lena. I work with Lena and we’ve known each other the entire time I’ve been with the company; we actually bonded over knitting and TFA as well. I remember talking about all the patterns we found online and wanted to knit, so we put them in our Ravelry libraries, so I did what I had to do, I creeped her library. Low and behold! I found my pattern, the Julissa! It was exactly what I was looking for. Lena, thank you for diligently keeping your library stocked with great patterns!
Julissa is a top down sweater with a lace panel in the front. The three quarter sleeve length is very flattering especially since there are cables down the arms as well.

Sleeve Cables[\caption]


It was a rocky start, but since it was my first top down anything, I don’t feel too bad. Starting with the neck ribbing, I was a bit worried that my cast on edge would be messy, but after the fourth time I frogged it, my edge was neat… ish.

A couple times I had random number of stitches and had to start over, and the raglan increase was tricky. I think I may have tried it three different ways before I caught on. I was meant to slip the middle stitch and not just the marker. It creates a really nice line along the shoulders. It would have been immediately obvious if I had thought about it rather than trying to do exactly what the pattern was saying.


On the left you can see the raglan increase. On the right you can sort of see the waist shaping.
Aside from the beginning, the rest went very smooth. Before blocking it was a bit tight, but after washing the yarn relaxed and allowed a bit of positive ease. Now it fits perfectly.
I am almost finished my Mom’s second alpha sock. I have rounded the heel and am making my way towards the toe!