It’s Always Sweater Season

I cannot believe it is August already; time is flying by. I was in Costco the other day and I saw Halloween decorations. As sad as I will be to see the warmer weather go, I can’t wait for autumn! Especially since I’ll be completely stocked up on sweaters.

Raglan cable and cowl neckline.

I finished the Terracotta cable sweater last night and I am blocking it right now. I think it will look really good once dry. The bright blue colour is beautiful and seriously surprised me while blocking. Since cobalt is such an intense colour, I expected it to bleed into the water while soaking. The water was hardly tinted blue at all. I was having a difficult time determining if the blue was from the sweater, or the water itself.

Looks much darker and a bit green in this light. There will be more photos with natural light.
Just think of these as teasers

Our new washer and dryer were delivered today. I am patiently waiting for the normal laundry to be done, so I can try some of the new settings. There is a wool setting, you can put this little shelf in the dryer and put your wool sweater, scarf, etc. on it. This way, the sweater isn’t tumbled around, felted and stretched. The air moves around it and dries it faster. There is also an air-dry option, which is similar to the wool dry, but with cooler air.
I’ll have to let you know how it works out! In the mean time, I am trying to polish off some projects I have had on the needles forever. Hopefully, next week will have a blog post with photos from at least ONE finished project I dragged out of hibernation!