Fiber Frolicking

I have been thinking it is about time I start a blog, and what better time then the annual Knitters Frolic. This is the first year I have attended this particular show and the only show specifically geared towards knitting and crocheting. Unsure what to expect I was accompanied by best friend, and fellow knitter, Alanna.

As soon as we pulled into the parking lot of the Japanese Cultural Centre, we could see the line; it snaked out the door around the corner and down the parking lot. Looking at each other with apprehension we decided it would be best if she waited in line while I parked the car. Parking most places in Toronto is enough to give even the most stouthearted person an ulcer, but I was duly impressed with the organization and forethought of those organizing the Frolic. Personnel, marked with the typical bright orange, patrolled the lot directing traffic and helping to avoid any bottle-neck effects from the 9am opening rush. Surprisingly, the line moved along quite quickly, as we arrived slightly after nine. 
I am not sure what expectations I held walking into the building, but my assumptions were surpassed. Hundreds of people milling about; looking at yarn, meeting old friends, meeting new friends, talking with vendors, figuring yardage and weight for precariously dreamed up projects. Somehow, there was a sense of familiarity throughout the show, a kind of camaraderie. People were friendly, talking with whomever was near, offering information, corralling small children. Two particularly amiable ladies even helped Alanna and I decide to buy some beautiful linen stitch scarf kits.
There were several vendors I was familiar with, the Needle Emporium, The Purple Pearl, and a few yarn brands. There were many MANY new ones though, such as Camilla Valley Farm (who had an ASTONISHING array of Cascade 220 and lette lopi colours), Indigodragonfly Designs (Tardis coloured yarn, among other geekery) and Dye-Version Hand Dyed Fibers (brilliant colourways).
Overall, I enjoyed the Frolic and will definitely be attending next year, funds permitting!