First Finished Objects of 2014

As you’ve noticed, I’ve been in something of a knitting rut. There haven’t been very many finished objects coming out and I realized this the other day. I was suddenly overwhelmed by a feeling of ineptness. Like I was fighting some kind of futile uphill battle. I had several WIP around the house, but haven’t really gotten onto them and finished any. So I did just that!

First on the list, the Coolbreeze Cardigan! Yes, it is complete! I ended up going with the shorter sleeves because I think I would wear it more. I realized I always pull up the sleeves on all my sweaters and if the sleeves don’t go up to my elbow, I don’t wear them as much. I really like the look with elbow length sleeves.
I may have to re-do the button band. I know that this yarn in particular relaxes quite a bit when blocked, and I knit this sweater with that in mind. However the button band lost all it’s firmness and has a beautiful drapey quality to it, but it really doesn’t work for this cardigan in particular. Since it was knit from the top down and the increases are uniform around the yoke, there isn’t much shoulder shaping. As a result, it needs to be buttoned up to fit properly; but the button band is so relaxed, it looks like the fabric is strained. I think I will have to re-do the button band and just not wash it until I have worn it enough to create shoulder indents.
Here is the progression of progress leading up to Vogue Knitting Live!

Here is the progression of progress leading up to Vogue Knitting Live!

Second finished object of 2014! The mohair and cascade 220 scarf for my mom. if you’ve been reading, I finished a matching hat and blogged about it here. I ended up ripping out the pattern I was doing and knit a waffle stitch bias scarf. I remember looking for an easy stitch that looked difficult and the one I came up with looked difficult and WAS difficult.
I suppose it doesn’t count as a finished object yet, but I finished one of the socks I’ve been making from the yarn I dyed in Chicago. I just rounded the heel on the second one and am picking up stitches for the foot!
I used to hate making socks, they were small and you HAD to use double pointed needles, or two circulars. Now that I’ve done a few of them, I like them more and more. I actually think I might make my dad a pair for his birthday on February 15th. I have a nice green yarn that would make really nice socks. It’s thick too, so it would be warm and knit up really quick.
Hopefully this trend of finishing past WIP’s will continue! Wish me luck

Honourable Mentions

Now that I am going to start a 2014 Finished Objects I realized there are previous projects that I really love and haven’t shown you. The first one is one of the most complemented pieces of knitting I have, my fiddlehead mittens.

It was a kit from Tanis Fiber Arts I had been circling for a couple months. I always thought I wasn’t ready; I wasn’t good enough to try them yet. I held off buying them, but still hung around them like some kind of yarn-obsessed vulture. Paul surprised me for my birthday by buying the kit. Even after I had the kit, I held off starting it until around October; probably around the time when weather started cooling off.
I was able to take a look at a demo mitten; they were lined, thick, and plush. Finally, I wanted the mittens more than I was scared to start the pattern. I just thought, “I can search anything I don’t understand.”
I think this was one of the best decisions I ever made. I learned so much while knitting these mittens, but the most important thing I learned; the pattern was a lot easier than it looked. I was so intimidated by it, but once I started, it flowed so easily.
This is also one of the pieces I am most proud of. After I had finished it I was so pleased with the result and had worked really hard on them. Now, whenever people find out I knit, they look at my mittens and say, “Oh my god, did you MAKE those?!”
This was an absolutely pivotal moment in my knitting career, because I am now no longer intimidated to try things. If I look at a pattern and think it looks really complicated, I break it down in my mind. Yes the overall effect is beautiful and very complicated looking, but the pattern itself isn’t that bad. Now, I just fling myself into a pattern with wild abandon.
I’ve seen moments like these with other people. I know Alanna was going to start a colour-work hat, but felt a little apprehensive about starting. I gave her the best advice I could, “Just start it.”