This is a list of all my finished objects for 2014! I have linked the photos to my Ravelry page, where there could be notes of changes I made, but always a link to the pattern I used. Feel free to leave me comments, questions or email me for any information. I always appreciate input and friend requests on Ravelry, we could all use more friends!

Coolbreeze Single

 Coolbreeze Cardigan


Mohair Bias

Bias Scarf

Chicago Dye Socks

 Chicago Dyed Socks


Dad Socks 2

 Dad’s Socks!


Royal Sock CollageRoyal Socks

Soak Fingerless MittsSoak Box Fingerless Mittens


Jennie Sock Shot

Supreme Sovereign


Alanna's Scarf

Alanna’s Birthday Scarf


Ombre Finished

Ombre Cardigan


Dad's Socks 2

Manly Fall Socks



French Leaf Shawl


Vamp Socks 1

Vampire Barbie Socks


Over the Rainbow Socks

Shauna’s Rainbow Socks


Green Gradient Sock

Paul’s Gradient Socks





Gradient 2

Golden Gradient Socks





Mittens Fiddlehead Wedding

Sara’s Wedding Mittens

Stripes Socks 1

Gift Socks for Work

Piano Hat

Piano Teachers Hat