This is a list of all my finished objects for 2015! I have linked the photos to my Ravelry page, where there could be notes of changes I made, but always a link to the pattern I used. Feel free to leave me comments, questions or email me for any information. I always appreciate input and friend requests on Ravelry, we could all use more friends!

Hat New One

Sockhead Hat

Fiddlehead Mittens

Shauna’s Mittens!

 Rainbow Socks Finished 2015Rainbow Socks Mark II


Snuggle Sack 2015Jace Snuggle Sack


Purple Pleasures Hat 2015Purple Pleasures Hat


Valentine Socks 2015Valentine Socks!

Liane Blanket Two

 Let it Snow

Lemon Waffle 04012015

Lemon Waffle Socks

Socks Rainbow One Newsletter

Stripey Rainbow Socks

05 27 2015 Sweaters Socks and Setbacks-2019Paul’s Sock of a Different Colour

Double thick Chevron Scrubby dishcloth working on dished in the sink.Scrubby Dish Cloth

Scrubby Stuffies in Fun ShapesHeart Shaped Scrubby Stuffies

Scrubby Stuffies in Fun ShapesStar Shaped Scrubby Stuffie

Scrubby Soap PouchScrubby Soap Pouch

ANPT RH With Love Slippers-2162Slippers With Love

ANPT RH June Knitting Tips-2360Lacey Summer Shawl

ANPT RH June Headband-2255Red Heart Hair Band

ANPT RH June Drink Cozy-2321Drink Cozies