Wedding Mittens!!

I can’t believe it is Wednesday again, I think the days before Christmas fly by faster and faster every year. Speaking of flying by, Sara’s wedding is coming up and that means the deadline for her wedding mitts are too! Two and a half weeks left to go!

Wedding Mittens 2

I’ve been working on the mittens whenever I get a chance to do some sit-down knitting as opposed to the one row here or there I normally get. Which means I have been making some great headway on them, but feel like I am slacking off at the same time. I always watch TV when I do my sit-down knitting, so I feel as though I have been watching a lot of TV.
They’re looking really great though, I actually had to rip out about an inch of work the other day because when I started the pattern again, I started at the wrong spot. The curl was going completely the wrong way. I only noticed when I got up to the decreases for the top of the mitten and thought to myself that it looks quite shallow for a mitten.
You would have had to curl your fingers up in order to get the mitten on. So I rectified the mistake and kept on knitting. I actually managed to finish the outside of the first mitten while Sara was here. This was super satisfying because Sara is one of the most grateful people in the world. Especially since she, herself, knits; she knows the amount of work that goes into making a garment.

Wedding Mittens 1

I am going to make both outer shells, block them, then pick up the stitches for the lining. I can’t wait to see what they look like with the little hidden blue lining! They are going to be beautiful and last forever. I’ve been knitting them fairly tightly so in 1000 years people on an archeological dig will find these bad boys.

The Honeymoon

I am not going to do this in order. I am sure everyone is curious about the wedding itself and how everything went. Rest assured that everything went well and we did end up getting married, which is the point of everything right? I want to wait to talk about the wedding itself until I get the professional photos back. I really can’t wait to see them (no pressure Jesse)!!
Paul and I were not leaving until the Monday so we had Sunday to run around and tie all the lose ends. I semi thought ahead and packed a majority of things I needed, before the wedding. When all was said and done, I just needed to throw in a tooth brush and other basic toiletries.

Airport Selfie

Our flight was at 9am so we left home at 6am. I was totally wiped out and ended up falling asleep on the ride to the airport, at the airport and on the plane. This was the best flight I had ever been on because I have no memory of it; I don’t even remember the stewardesses doing their safety spiel.

Vapiano 2014

Immediately after checking into the hotel, Paul and I trouped across the street to Vapiano. I was slightly worried about building it up in my mind and no food could ever be that good. I really wasn’t building it up. The food was excellent! I wish I could live there, right across the street, or maybe have them come home with me. We were in Chicago for a total of 6 days and we ate at Vapiano 8 times. Yes, it was slightly excessive. No I regret nothing.
We didn’t really do too much the first day, the second day we shopped the magnificent mile, day three we checked out Navy Pier and I slept a lot on Day four and registered for VKL. Thursday (day four), Friday and Saturday were taken over by classes and we left for Antigua on Sunday.


As I mentioned in the second VKL post, our flight was leaving at 5am. This meant we had to be at the airport for 3am and the airport was an hour train ride away. I went back to the hotel room after my class and slept. The four hours of sleep I managed were not near enough to get me by and I remember very little of the first day in Antigua. I vaguely remember being too cold to sleep on the planes and a really good chicken quesadilla.

Honeymoon Pool

That first night we went to bed around 9pm and slept in till 11am the next day; it was much needed after all the classes in Chicago. Our days followed the pattern of wake up, eat lunch, float in the pool while trying various drinks from the menu, get cleaned up, shower, find dinner and play pool and socialize at the Drunken Duck.

Towel Art

The Sandals in Antigua is known for being a more romantic resort, so all the couples we met were either celebrating and anniversary, and engagement or a honeymoon as well. Ironically, we met five or six couples who lived within a 15-minute drive from our house in Burlington. I didn’t anticipate meeting a lot of people from Ontario let alone the GTA.
All the food on the entire resort was amazing; we probably ate almost every two hours. A lot of the time we would also go for ‘second dinner’ because we wanted to try all the restaurants. The staff was incredibly helpful and usually cheerful. I did notice less enthusiasm when it was searing hot outside, but they were wearing pants (as in, not shorts) and I could cope with that.


One of the things we ended up doing was a sunset photo shoot. They don’t really give you a choice about the day or time, but tell you to show up and they do the photos. Since neither Paul nor I are real big photo people, we ended up getting a few of the professionally taken photos as a memento from our honeymoon.

Sunset Honeymoon

The photos from the wedding take three to four weeks and we are currently sitting at 2.5, so I am hoping they will be done for next week. Really hoping, on the scale of more wishful thinking than anything. Cross your fingers for me!!!!

Definitely Deprived

Well, I haven’t gotten all the knitting in I wished I had. I know there is always a time crunch before weddings, but I thought I would have an hour here or a half hour there to do SOME knitting. The prize for most worked on project goes to….. *drumroll*…. Car Socks!!

Green Gradient Sock

I suppose that really isn’t too surprising, but I haven’t really had the time nor inclination to knit much. I’ve briefly mentioned I was struck down with the flu, but it was so bad, I couldn’t even knit. I just wanted to lay in my misery and possibly sleep.
I am feeling much better now, but still exhausted. I think I might need several lattes on the wedding day itself. Hair and makeup for me and the girls starts at 8AM. If that isn’t crazy, I don’t know what is. I think I am going to try to get very little sleep on Thursday night, so sleep Friday night will be no problem! Right? No? Crazy idea?

Green Gradient Socks 2

I originally wanted to have my rocky coast cardigan done for Vogue Knitting, but I doubt that is going to happen. I am going to make a copy of the pattern and take it with me to Chicago! Hopefully I’ll be able to get some work on it done and maybe a little steam blocking. Hotel room irons probably have a steam mode? It would be something really sentimental to complete the sweater on my honeymoon. We will have to see.

Green Gradient Socks 4

I am really looking forward to another weekend at Vogue Knitting Live, but this year they have seemed kind of unorganized. I’ll withhold my judgment until afterwards, but I’ve gotten a bad taste in my mouth more than once before-hand. While planning a wedding, the last thing you need is trouble from something you’re going to do on your honeymoon. In movies you always see people getting upgraded to first class etc, when they’re on their honeymoon. It really has helped me decide that the next event I am going to attend will be a stitches event. I’ve been thinking about going to one for a while, but my recent dealings with Vogue Knitting have tipped the scales.

Green Gradient Sock 3

One Month Wedding Update

Oh my word… we are so close. I think I need a paper bag and some Zantac.

Ring One

The most recent wedding thing that has happened was my bachelorette. It ended up working out perfectly to do my bachelorette on my birthday! We started the evening off with a pole dancing class. I actually had a lot of fun! The person teaching had a very interesting personality, but she clearly had a passion for what she was teaching and was insanely fit. Just spending an afternoon taking a class and my calves were so sore the next day.


After the class we went to the Burlington Lakefront hotel and got ready to go out. We ended up going to the Martini House for dinner. I had the best pasta ever! The martinis were pretty good too. I found it very interesting that after you paid, instead of bringing you mints, you got a ball of cotton candy. You’ll have to excuse the poor photo; the lighting was not optimal where we were sitting so everything needed flash.

Cotton Candy

We have also added to our wedding party. I know, completely last minute, but it was sooo meant to be. Okay, the story from the beginning. Once upon a time, Paul had a groomsman who had to travel for work. He doesn’t get a lot of say in the matter, sometimes they just spring trips on him. Half way through August, he gave us a call and said this had happened; he wasn’t going to be able to make the wedding. With only two months left, Paul and I immediately started planning for who would fill his spot. As you may have noticed, I have a thing about symmetry and I wanted there to be equal amounts of boys and girls.

Eventually Paul asked our friend Richard to be a groomsman and all was right with the world. Richard and Liane have been helping us out a lot with wedding things, so it was perfect! Then, traveling groomsman called back a couple weeks ago and his trip had been cancelled; he would be able to make it out. We now effectively had seven groomsmen and six bridesmaids. Bridesmaid dresses usually take four months to come in and we had five weeks. I asked Liane to be my bridesmaid and it was a whirl of calling stores to see about rush orders and what we could buy off the rack. Thank heaven I wasn’t picky about what I wanted them to wear, we would have never found the same dress.

The one store that was willing to work with us and be extremely helpful, called the manufacturer of the dresses and asked if they had anything in emerald green and gave the size range we were looking for. They had one. It was a special limited edition dress that wasn’t even online because they only made one in every size; the one size they had left was the one we were looking for. We went, she tried it on, it looked great. Done and done. It’s long, so we will have to have it hemmed off at the knees, but it is perfect.


We are also currently having something of a fiasco with the numbers. Usually when you are planning a wedding, the stat is 15% will decline. Paul and I blew the bell curve on that one because our decline rate was about 35%. The room we are in has a minimum amount of people you need in order to have the room. It is too close to move us to a smaller room or something, we are going to be in the big room, but pay for people that aren’t there. There isn’t really much to do about this aside from start inviting random people off the street. We have already been through the list of people we wanted to invite but couldn’t and not a whole lot of them could come. It’s not really a catastrophe and I am sure there are much bigger problems we could have, but it still kind of sucks. It will be a good night anyway! I am sure we will be able to fill a room regardless of the amount of people actually coming.

Ring Two

That is all the wedding drama for now, I am planning on doing one more post before the wedding just to keep you updated on how badly I am freaking out. Keep an eye here for it, I am sure the posts will become more and more comical as they go on!

2 Month Wedding Update

Less than two months to the wedding; it is unreal how close this is getting. On one hand it is starting to feel real, but on the other it still seems so far away. I think I almost had a panic attack the other day when someone said it was only seven weeks away. I mean, it sounds a lot longer when you say 50 days. We are always running around and putting together last minute details with our wedding planner. A lot has happened within the last month.

First of all, my maid of honour and bridesmaids threw me the second bridal shower! It was at Alanna’s mom’s house because they have an absolutely beautiful backyard. It is quite large as well so they were able to fit in a table and chairs without disturbing their garden.

Bridal Shower

When everyone started arriving we all went to the refreshment stand and got drinks, then found a good place to sit and admire the decorations. Once a majority of the people were there, we got to eating. It was a basic backyard BBQ with hamburgers and salads; everyone brought their specialty salad and there were many great foods to choose from. I ate way too much and tried to circle from group to group and say hi to everyone. In the end I think about 12-14 people ended up coming. It was the perfect size group; I think if there were any more than that I would have been overwhelmed.

Bridal Shower Bridesmaids

The games came after lunch and Alanna managed to pick a couple really great ones. There was the usual word scramble and how well do you know the bride; but my favourite one was Him or Her. It was a list of things put together and the guests had to guess which one was me and which one was Paul. For example, there were things on there like, who is the most ticklish, who does the dishes, who takes care of auto maintenance, and who approached whom in the very beginning of the relationship. People really got into that one and started shouting out their answers as we marked them. I would just have to point to myself or shake my head and they knew if it was Paul or myself.

At this point all the wedding party brought out the cookies and cake! They were really good as well. This is also a perfect opportunity to practice getting your picture taken doing inane things like cutting a cake… or laughing.

Precious Moments

Perfect smile always!

Paul showed up with some beautiful flowers at this point and made his own rounds of all the ladies. He also brought my Dad, nephew and father-in-law-to-be. I expect they were coming to partake of the food and waiting to drive the ladies home. As soon as my nephew came into the door he spy-ed the cake. Enough said.

Michelle and Ethan

Once the pandemonium calmed down Paul and I got to open gifts. I was glad Paul was there for this part because I got to open all the gifts from the first shower and he should have a little bit of the wedding spirit too.

Paul and Michelle Bow Hat

I’ll claim that as my excuse for making him try on the infamous ‘bow-hat’ that Megan and Liane put together.

Sneaky Sneaky

I really enjoyed this shower and for a few hours it made me forget about all the stresses of planning a wedding and the never-ending to-do list that has become my life. It is really nice to get those opportunities to just BE. Living in the moment is a hard thing to do when you feel like the last several, and next few, months of your life have been all for one moment or day in particular. I have been really careful to try not to set standards in my mind about my wedding day or how things will go. I try to live my life in a very ’go with the flow’ way. There is no point in getting upset about things you cannot change; accept them and try to see how you can keep on shining. It is always important for you to have friends to help you take the tarnish off that silver lining too, sometimes it is too dim to see on your own.

Paul and Ethan

Things you don’t say to a Bride

Since I am getting married in October I never realized all the things people say in everyday life that you should really not say to a bride. I never thought I would be a Bridezilla, and I don’t think I have gone off the deep end, but I can see how it happens. It is wedding season, and that means many brides-to-be are in the home stretch of planning. If you’re chatting with a bride in the last few weeks before the big day, here are a few things you should definitely avoid saying.

Bridezilla 1

I would like to note, there was a lot of talking with other friends planning a wedding and multiple internet searches to fill out this post. Not all of them have happened to me personally.

“I’ve been so busy…”
This one might seem innocuous enough, but when you are up to your eyeballs planning a wedding AND have to deal with the rest of your life at the same time, it’s hard to sympathize with anyone else.

“It’s just a party!”
While this is technically true, it’s a very special party that people put a ton of time and money into, and that comes with a lot of expectations. The fact is, people do judge women for their weddings, and trying to merge families, deal with differing tastes, and manage a budget to pull off an event that is up to everyone’s standards is hard. The fact that the bride has already put a good deal of time and money into her wedding probably won’t make this comment any more welcome.

Bridezilla 3

“Don’t be a bridezilla!”
No one gets a free pass on acting like a jerk, but you can call out bad behavior without using the b-word. If you think the bride is out of line, tell her “Hey, I don’t think it is reasonable to have us spend $250 on a dress and then be upset that we can’t all fly to Vegas for your bachelorette.”

“I need [a dairy-free meal/a place to stay/an allergy-free venue].”
Don’t go to the couple four weeks before the wedding with your needs; they are worrying about the big picture. If you need to find out if, say, there will be fresh flowers at the wedding because you’re severely allergic, that’s fine. But don’t go to them at the last minute asking them to book a hotel room for you

Bridezilla 6

“Why are you having the wedding there?”
Traveling to a wedding is often hard on a guest’s budget… but if it’s a pain for you to attend, don’t come, and definitely don’t write on the bride’s Facebook wall, “Why don’t you just have the wedding in ____ so people don’t have to travel?”

“It’ll be fine.”
Nearly every bride has been told this when she’s stressing out about last-minute logistics. You’re trying to help her relax when you say that, but someone does have to sweat the small stuff to make a wedding work, especially with regards to things like transportation or vendor arrival times. So if she’s putting thought into the details or trying to get organized, don’t tell her to relax.

“This must have cost you a fortune!”
The way celebrities’ wedding costs are blasted all over the news can make it seem like it’s appropriate to put a price tag on the dress, cake, and everything in between. But money is often a sticky subject for brides and grooms who don’t have a millionaire’s budget, don’t tell them about how much of a waste it is for one day.

And the opposite…

“I am really watching my budget”
Complaining about how broke you are to a bride-to-be is probably not the best conversation topic you could pick. Most brides try not to think wedding budget in their spare time, let alone how you can only afford to go out to the bar once a week now.

Bridezilla 7

“I thought you’d never get married! You were such a swinging single!” Or even worse, “Dude, you finally let yourself be trapped, huh? Welcome to the jail of married life.”
You are SO funny. You are TOTALLY the first person to say this. And yes, the only reason to get married is because I’m forced to. It’s not possible that I’ve matured, and it’s not possible to have any freedom in marriage. How did you know? Just because you remember the bride when she was a total wild child or can provide the story behind the groom’s locker-room nickname doesn’t mean you should. This goes double for any conversation you have with other wedding guests who know the bride or groom from a different time in their lives; for example, coworkers or an older relative. Yes, they might still be the crazy kids you remember, but given the formality and importance of the day, it’s not the best time to air out the dirty laundry.

“Can you help me with…?”
When you’re at a wedding, it’s pretty easy to look to the bride and groom, as the ones who are in charge and running the show. For the same reason though, they’re going to be pretty busy, and by “pretty busy,” we mean “no-time-to-pee busy”. If you’ve got some minor issue, like the caterers brought you the wrong meal, don’t take it to the bride and groom. Instead, talk to the wedding planner or coordinator, one of the caterers, or, if you really feel it’s something the bride or groom needs to deal with personally, one of the bridesmaids or groomsmen who can pass along the message. The bride and groom already have a lot on their plates, so it’s important to respect the difference between an actual emergency and what just seems like one at the time.

Bridezilla 4

“So I take it you’re not wearing white?”
Oh, I forgot, my wedding dress’s purpose is to help all of my guests know how virginal I am. Perhaps I should instead just wear a sign detailing my bedroom activities.

“Are you pregnant!?”, “So, when are you having kids?”, or even “You’re old to be getting married. Better get pregnant right away!”
Right, because the only reason to get married is if I’m pregnant, or about to be. Silly me, I thought we were getting married because we love each other. When you haven’t even tied the knot yet, and you’re getting the ‘baby talk’ from everyone around you, it can be a little tiring. The bride is focused on making her big day perfect, most of the time thoughts about the future don’t really make it past that.

Bridezilla 8

“You better lose some weight before the wedding!”
Actually I’m hoping to gain some weight before the wedding. That way it will hurt more when I sit on you. I would hope everyone has the sense not to say this to a woman getting married.

“You look just like (insert name) on her wedding day!”
Even if you think it’s a compliment, every bride wants to feel like the single most beautiful bride of all time. Keep the comparisons out of the equation and instead focus on how ridiculously perfect and magical she looks. Like a perfect magical princess.

“Can my kind-of-boyfriend/friend from out of town/coworker stop by the reception tonight?”
This is a wedding, not casual happy hour. Unless you were given a plus one, the answer is a big fat no.

“Don’t panic but…”
Starting a sentence with this phrase should be illegal. The more casually you mention a problem, the more calmly it will be handled. Perhaps lining up solutions before telling the bride would be a great strategy

“There’s no way I can sit next to that person.”
Fun Fact! Seating arrangements are not done day-of. There is a lot of time, effort, thought and compromise put into seating arrangements. That means coming to the bride with a seating crisis the morning-of is probably a bad idea. Find the bar, and practice your small talk instead.

Bridezilla 9


“I’m so surprised you chose to wear your hair like that/paint your nails that color/wear those shoes!”
Pseudo compliments are not welcome. Unless you have something effusively nice to say, keep the commentary to yourself. It is the same for saying something like, ‘well that is… unique?’

“You just need a few more drinks.”
A flute of champagne to calm the nerves? Absolutely. Four margaritas before the ceremony begins? Overkill. Slurring your vows has never been very flattering.

Bridezilla 2

“You know 50% of marriages end in divorce, don’t you?”
Actually that’s a false statistic. The actual rate is closer to 24% for couples older than 25. But it’s always great to have a pessimist around to rain on my parade. What would I do without you? <3