Don’t Stop Believing… or Knitting

I can’t believe it is April already! Springtime is upon us and I have therefore been working on my Lemon Waffle Socks! They are the epitome of spring and therefore need to be finished!! While I am writing this there is nothing left to be finished except the toe. The photo I post will be of the completed socks because there is really only a few more rows of them to be finished.

Lemon Waffle 04012015

I’ve had a few decent chunks of time to work on things, but I have spent most of the time working on these socks. I am going to start my next pair imminently, I am thinking I might do a pair for Paul. I’ve only made him two pairs and they’re both green. Branching out is a good thing! I don’t think I have any green sock yarn currently in my bin. There is quite a bit of purple, but I don’t know how much luck I would have getting Paul to wear bright purple socks…
Since I have been slacking horribly on upcoming knits, I am going to show you some better photos of Liane’s baby blanket. Sara took these photos for me and they are stunning, as always!

Liane Blanket Four

Liane Blanket One

Liane Blanket Three

Liane Blanket Two

Technical Tuesday: Linen Stitch

A while ago I knit up the linen stitch scarf and it is probably my second most complemented hand knit garment. I think I originally didn’t go over this technique because I was afraid of giving away the secret sauce of the pattern.

Linen Stitch Scarf

The stitch is something that can be found in a stitchionary but a lot of people are intimidated by the pattern. It looks like a woven fabric, but is really comprised of knit stitches, yarn forward, yarn backward and slipped stitches.

In the video she notes that you want to keep a close eye on your pattern to catch any mistakes right away. When I was knitting my scarf I messed up and I didn’t notice until a few rows had passed. It would have been so much easier if I had noticed right away.

This is a really beautiful stitch and something that is not very common. Everyone has seen a stockinet scarf, so the next time you’re thinking about jazzing up a scarf give it a try!!

Sunshine Daisies, Butter Mellow

After reading the title of this blog post, everyone who knows Harry Potter, yelled “TURN THIS STUPID FAT RAT YELLOW!!” It was the spell Fred and George gave their youngest brother to turn his pet rat yellow; you know, to make him more interesting.
The whole of the relation of Harry Potter to this blog post is the fact that I am talking about the Lemon Waffle socks and those happen to be yellow. It was the only name I could come up with at the moment.

Lemon Waffle 03172015

I have, indeed, finished the first of the Lemon Waffle Socks. Finally I know! I’ve even started on the second one. I’m not terribly far through it, but I started it before the half way point in the month, so I am satisfied. Now to finish it before the end of the month!

Crystal Stitch Markers

I’ve been working on a lot of show-related things as the Creativ Festival is only a little over a month away. I have started using wire jewelry techniques to create stitch markers. This gives me a whole range of stitch markers that just didn’t exist before. Whenever people look at the stitch markers, they all turn to me and say “I could never do that, I wouldn’t have the patience” or “I would go blind doing such small work.” Mind you these are normally people who knit, sometimes even LACE KNITTERS!!! I really haven’t made a foray completely into lace territory yet, but I am sure it takes patience and a reasonable amount of eyesight.

Rose Gold Stitch Markers

I find working on these stitch markers kind of cathartic. They’re small, but take only a few seconds to complete. Once you get into a rhythm… I could sit there and make them all night. I am really excited about the feedback I am going to get about the new stitch markers! I’ve been using a couple shamelessly; you know, to test things out! No one wants snaggly stitch markers!

Leaf Stitch Markers

I’ve actually had Paul all over pattern markers, I think he takes to it with the same methodic approach as I take to stitch markers. It is dangerous to go to the store and pick out the ribbon we’re going to use for the pattern markers. I could easily spend thousands of dollars just walking along the shelves going “this one…. And this one…. And this one… and two of these…” Moderation is key!

Pattern Markers Ribbon

I usually try to force myself to pick up one of two that I am not overly fond of; not everyone has the same taste as me! Sometimes I’ll bring a friend and have them pick out a couple, or I’ll make Paul do it. Its nice to have that little bit of deviation from just things I like… or else all the pattern markers would be blue and purple.

Pet Stitch Markers

I’ve had to put a hold on a lot of things for the show this week because I am co-hosting a baby shower this weekend at my house. It is going to be an AWESOME baby shower, but this means I am going to have to clear out some of the knitting paraphernalia that has began dominating the main level of our town house. The muggles wouldn’t be able to handle the sheer amount of knitterly gear I’ve got floating around my house!

Holy Moly, there is Progress

I got so much done this week! It was a long weekend here so I caught up on a lot of things I had been letting fall behind; such as cleaning, meal prep…. Etc. I also got quite a bit of knitting done. I managed to finish a sleeve from my grandmother’s sweater, finished a hat and may or may not have started something new.

Seed Stitch Sleeve

First thing is first! I decided the body was going really slowly and I felt kind of discouraged about the sheer amount of work I had left to do, so I started on the sleeves. I am not going to lie to you. I changed them. The sleeves were also meant to be covered in cables, but most of that work is hidden under the arms and I think it makes the whole sweater look very very busy. I looked at just making a stockinet sleeve, but I thought that would be too plain. A row of seed stitch up the arm fits with the rest of the pattern and is very easy to do.

Seed Stitch Sleeve Two

When I started this sleeve, I was modifying the pattern as I went and I figured that the pattern would have needed me to do a double increase on seven rows. That is an increase of 14 stitches over 47cm of knitting. Kids play right? Actually, because the sweater is an older style, the sleeves are very baggy, so there was actually an increase of 44 stitches over 47cm. When I realized this, I was almost at 47 cm and there was no way to gracefully fit 30 extra stitches into 10cm. I had to rip it back and start again. The second time went much better though! I managed to not mess things up and got the sleeve done this weekend!

Purple Pleasures Hat 1

The hat I started and finished this weekend was from a kit I bought at Vogue Knitting Live Chicago 2013. I remember grabbing it very last and I’ve been saving it for some strange and unknowable reason. I meant to start it a while ago, but never managed to get it caked up in time. I finally started it Friday night and finished it by Saturday. It is the Simple Pleasures Hat pattern from Purl Soho, a free pattern on Ravelry and the handout that came with this kit. It’s a good thing the pattern is free on Ravelry because I completely lost the pattern that came with the hat itself. I had to look up the yarn on Ravelry and check the patterns that other people had done.

Purple Pleasures Hat 2

The main yarn is 100% Mongolian cashmere. I don’t use cashmere a whole lot so I am not totally sure if this is normal, but the ribbing on the hat is made with the cashmere held double and when I wear it the ribbing grows. It was okay in the beginning but now the hat is slipping down my forehead. It’s not totally unwearable or anything, but I wish I had gone down one more needle size when I was working on the ribbing.
The project I started is something that had been kicking around in my head for a while. I was reading the blog My Sister’s Knitter when Andi said she was working on a mitered square project from left over sock yarn. I had been thinking about doing a blanket with my leftover sock yarns, for a while, but never really got a pattern that suited me. The plain garder stitch ones made me think they would be like knitting a BILLION TINY SWATCHES FOREVER. Which really didn’t appeal to me… Anything that had more of a pattern seemed like something that would require brain power and that is something I am sorely short of these days.

Sock Blanket

When Andi linked to this pattern I had to check it out and it is perfect. Thanks enabler Andi!! I tried out one square of this already and it looks pretty awesome!!
I feel as though I had really productive weekend! I am going to go continue knitting all the things, because, apparently, I am just on a roll.

Mine, Mine, Mine…. Not Mine?

I have been insanely busy this week again, but that has been on par for the past couple of weeks now. I think I am just going to have to get used to it! I’ve finished one of my Valentine’s Day socks and started the other. I’ve been working on another project too. It’s not a new project per-say, but it is new to me!

Valentine Sock

As promised, my finished sock! There isn’t really much to tell about these; they go fast and are lovely to knit! I absolutely love how the pattern knits up and am really looking forward to the second sock!

This reminds me, I have started to dye the replenishment yarn for the Creativ Festival coming up and I did a little bit of experimenting. I dyed a few random skeins of sock yarn for myself. Just trying out new colours and the like. I can’t wait to knit them up!

FFS Scarf

Next is my not-so-new project. It is a scarf that a friend of a friend’s sister had been working on. Unfortunately she passed away before she could finish it and her sister wants to see that the scarf is finished. It’s an interesting pattern and it didn’t come to me with a pattern for further instructions.
I have started to finish it off in the only way I can think makes sense and that is to do the 2X2 ribbing again and start the cables. I’ve only got one 50g ball of yarn and I am not sure how far this is going to go. The yarn is kind of obscure too, I did a Ravelry search and could not find the brand! I was going to check if there was any place I would be able to beg, borrow or buy, but it isn’t looking likely. Until I get there, I am not going to worry myself about it.

FFS Scarf 2

I also helped Liane finish her baby blanket this week as well. She ran out of yarn while she was doing the cast off, ripped it back and started to cast off again, and ran out of yarn just before the end. I ended up doing some clever knitting magic to finish the blanket without ripping it back or buying another entire skein of yarn. Less than a yard of yarn was needed so I would not have bought another skein

Baby Blanket Liane

At some point during the blanket’s tenure I wove in all the ends on the wrong side. The blanket was one inch from done and apparently I have an OCD that prevents me from leaving things alone that are that close to being done. All that needs to be done now is a good blocking!

Yet More Finished Objects!

I am completely and totally on fire so far this year. Although now that I have said that… I am sure things will slow right down, but alas, it is exciting to be done Shauna’s Mittens!

Fiddlehead Mittens

I think this is the fourth time I have knit this pattern, and I love it more every time. I originally came across it in a kit where the designer Hello Yarn and Tanis Fiber Arts were working together! When I finally picked up this kit it was a true and everlasting love that has still not ceased.
Impatient person that I am, as soon as I finished, I instagramed the photo to Shauna and immediately got more than one person asking about their pair. On one hand, I thought ‘oohhhh, maybe I shouldn’t have posted that photo’ but on the other I love these mittens and want to share that love with the world!

J Socks

I’ve also been making some major headway on my January socks that I want to complete from #OperationSockDrawer on instagram. If you’re unsure what that is, head on over to the Knitmore Girls podcast for details. I have been hardcore binging on those episodes and I am quite close to being caught up! The yarn I am using for these socks was a limited time colour way called ‘Over the Rainbow’ from Knitcircus; they might not be offering this particular colour way anymore, but the yarns are lovely!

J Socks 2

If I haven’t ever endorsed participating before, I would like to take a moment to now. On instagram, Ravelry, twitter, facebook or any kind of platform you wish! I look at everyone else’s photos of socks and sock drawers and I am so inspired! I absolutely want to go and cast on about 100 more things. I know that I have not run any knit alongs, but the Stitch Please Ravelry group doesn’t have all that many members and there are groups out there much larger doing extremely excellent knit or crochet alongs. I highly endorse participating in these because while you are inspired to do better and create, you are also inspiring someone else. No matter that you are only one person! There is someone somewhere looking at a photo you posted and thinking what you made is pretty darn cool. Seriously, if you take away one thing from this blog let it be this. Engage! Participate! It’s pretty amazing and good for the soul in general.