It has been quite a long time since I did a post about what I’ve been watching on TV so I’ll give you an update. As many of you know, I can’t just sit there and watch TV I need to actually have my hands doing something. Perfect time for knitting really easy things! This IS the reason I have so many socks completed.

Kitchener Waterloo Knitters Fair Re-cap

I will admit right now that I took EMBARASSINGLY few photos. Everyone was so busy from beginning to end that I didn’t even think about it until I sat down to write this post. Overall I would say it was a good time. I would say it doesn’t really feel like Fall is on the way yet without the K/W Knitters Fair happening. It makes me feel warm inside and gives me the need to knit ALL THE SWEATERS!

Technical Tuesday: Grafting with Double Knitting

At the Kitchener Waterloo show I had a great question. How to make an infinity scarf with double knitting and graft the ends together. I had never actually thought about how this would be done. Double knitting in itself is fascinating to me so I will post a few videos about the basics then talk about the advice I gave her!

Come Visit!

Guys… I am totally copping out. I have half a brain cell right now and can’t think of anything to write except yarn-y things I want to save for post-Kitchener/Waterloo Knitters Fair. If you’re in the area make sure you stop by and say hi!!

Up and Coming

I still can’t believe it is September already. It’s going to be sweater season soon and you can bet your bum I’m preparing for that. I really can’t wait for the fall season. Especially since this Labour Day weekend was SO HOT! I couldn’t believe it! I was obligated to be outside a couple days over the long weekend and it was brutal! Almost 40 degrees!

Fabulous Food

Off topic Thursday! I am sorry to those of you who get hungry when reading about food, because that is what this one is going to encompass. By day, I work in an office; it used to be close enough to my house that I could go home for lunch and actually cook something for myself. It worked out really well because I intensely dislike leftovers. Recently the company has moved to a new building, which is farther from my house. This leaves me with the choice of bringing a bagged lunch or getting creative.

Where did the Summer Go?!

I can’t believe it is September already and we are in the last weeks of summer, but at the same time… KNITTING SEASON IS UPON US! Knit fast and die warm! I was just reminded of this saying the other day when I saw a tote bag with a skull and cross bones and this quote. It was really fantastic.

Technical Tuesday: Kinky

If you have EVER ripped something out you will know the pain of attempting to knit with kinked up yarn. It changes your gauge; it fights back, over all, it’s just a pain to knit with. The yarn isn’t as appealing and this could easily cause you to loose steam in your knitting project.

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