Knit City 2016

I am currently writing from our last day in Vancouver. It’s been a long week, yet somehow it feels much shorter. We’ve completed KnitCity 2016 and done quite a bit of vacation things afterwards. Next year, my goal is to have everything completed when we get here so I can do more socializing before and during the show.

Kitchener Waterloo Knitters Fair!!

The Kitchener Waterloo Knitters Fair was this weekend and I am glad to have it out of the way! It was an excellent show, lots of people, both new friends and familiar faces. This is the first show Stitch Please ever went to so it holds a special place in my heart. It was also […]

Dying Dying Dying

What I’ve been doing lately! A ton of dying really. I’ve started making sure I experiment every time I dye or else I am never going to create anything new. I’m getting everything ready for the next show we’ve got as well; Kitchener/Waterloo is coming up as well as Vancouver’s Knit City. I’m looking forward to both because they’re both really good shows!

Posting Schedule

Posting schedule! I re-evaluate the posting schedule every year to see where I am in my life, what the stats are telling me and if I get any general comments about posting. Blogging is an interesting experience because you pour out bits of your soul, put blood, sweat and tears into it and you generally feel like you are blindfolded, talking into an empty room. There is a sense of a presence here and there, but until you get comments, emails or actually run into someone at a craft show, there is a huge sense of “Hello? Is this thing on?” (If anyone feels like they must take action immediately to quash these feelings, we have a Ravelry group where everyone can connect)


I know, it’s been a while, but it was a good time off! I’ve started a hat, kept knitting on a sock sample, I got suckered into knitting something for a secret Santa at work. It ended up being not too terrible and I got to try a pattern that I wanted. I am going to start with that since it is the thing that was most recent and fresh in my mind.

Technical Tuesday: The Nuts and Bolts

This technical Tuesday is not going to be as technical in a knitting sense. As you might have noticed, last week I completely lost track of time and managed not to do any posts. I wasn’t heading into the office on Wednesday, so I definitely forgot to write my posts until Wednesday because I thought it was the weekend. Then I just would have had Thursday’s post up, but at that point it seemed a little pointless as Thursday is my off-topic day.


As most of you know, the current kitty count went down by one a few months ago. Recently, Paul and I have welcomed two kittens home. The story is kind of twisty, but it starts by getting added to a Siamese cat breeder’s waitlist.

There wasn’t originally supposed to be an opening until early 2016, but as it turns out there were a few people on the list ahead of us who wanted to wait. Paul and I went for a meet and greet and picked out our little kitten. We picked her out in the middle of September, but had to wait till she was 12 weeks to bring her home; that landed us on October 30th. Over the next few weeks, we decided to name her Luna, because the Thai name of Siamese translates to moon diamond; so it is fitting.

The Aftermath

Well all the shows are now complete, it’s been an absolutely crazy two months. I feel pretty burned out from all the prep-work of getting these shows together so I haven’t been working on too much knitting. There have been a lot of mundane things like cleaning the house, restocking the cabinets, a lot of meal prep for the next couple months. I’ll write about that on a Thursday though, I am way too proud of myself to keep that from you!

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