Knit City 2016

I am currently writing from our last day in Vancouver. It’s been a long week, yet somehow it feels much shorter. We’ve completed KnitCity 2016 and done quite a bit of vacation things afterwards. Next year, my goal is to have everything completed when we get here so I can do more socializing before and during the show.

There was quite a bit of self-striping that needed to be wound and I knew this in advance so I was able to pack all the equipment I needed into the checked bags. Friday night and Saturday night was a huge unwind-and-rewind-the-yarn-fest so I didn’t really get a chance to interact and socialize with too many people. I did manage to power through quite a bit of supernatural though.

In the end almost everything got wound and was in time for the show! Which was a great show, as per usual. There were a couple more people from Toronto area this year which was good to see. Passionknit was there. I had to take a double look at their sign because I knew I was familiar with that name but I couldn’t remember from where. They were our booth neighbours across the hall from the Knitters Frolic. We made from new friends, like Katie from Nekozuki Knits and saw a lot of vendors from last year! I didn’t get to walk around as much as I would have liked, but I was able to troll around a bit to see new things. In the end the only things I picked up were a wedge bag and needle cover from Katie, and some roving to make thrummed mittens.

I did start a new shawl while I have been away. There were two colours of yarn sitting beside each other talking to me about how much they wanted to be striped together. I’ve started the Neapolitan shawl by Kay F Jones on Ravelry. It’s a very easy pattern, which is EXACTILY what I want right now, so I’ve been getting some pretty steady progress done on it.

To do a quick skim over, the rest of the weekend Paul and I went to the Capilano Bridge, Stanley Park, and Granville Island. Everything was ah-mazing as per usual. It’s really hard to get on the plane and not stay here and eat all of the things.