Posting Schedule

Posting schedule! I re-evaluate the posting schedule every year to see where I am in my life, what the stats are telling me and if I get any general comments about posting. Blogging is an interesting experience because you pour out bits of your soul, put blood, sweat and tears into it and you generally feel like you are blindfolded, talking into an empty room. There is a sense of a presence here and there, but until you get comments, emails or actually run into someone at a craft show, there is a huge sense of “Hello? Is this thing on?” (If anyone feels like they must take action immediately to quash these feelings, we have a Ravelry group where everyone can connect)

This past year has been crazy for me personally, as well as with Stitch Please, Stitches be Slippin’, KNITmuch and Addicted to Sock Knitting; not to mention a personal life that happens somewhere in there. I am a schedule-y person and I like structure, but I feel like I need to give the blog a bit of an organic life of it’s own. When I am knitting a lot, I will write about it, when I am not really knitting, I will post less frequently. I think this is going to keep my posts fresher. One of the things my blog stats were telling me is Wednesday posts were the ones everyone was most interested in. Those are the ones where I wrote about what I was knitting, how things were going with it, likes, dislikes, general plans for future knitting. Those are the posts I really enjoy writing and it seems like everyone enjoys reading them, so I’ll do more posts like that.

Since this is going to be a new format, if there is anything anyone wants to read about, wants me to try, has suggestions at all, please let me know. I am on twitter, Instagram, Ravelry, Facebook, email. Most social media platforms have a way to personal message people, just in case you don’t want to make a public comment.

I’ll also make sure to keep everyone apprised of upcoming shows, events, when I am writing other places. I hope everyone has an excellent New Year and keep on knitting!