I know, it’s been a while, but it was a good time off! I’ve started a hat, kept knitting on a sock sample, I got suckered into knitting something for a secret Santa at work. It ended up being not too terrible and I got to try a pattern that I wanted. I am going to start with that since it is the thing that was most recent and fresh in my mind.

At work, I am kind of the token member of the department. There are 9 people and they all work together, but I work alone. I am just stuck onto the side in order to be part of some kind of department. This being the case, I only know a couple of them on a personal level. Of course I had picked the name of a person who was A) new to the department and B) someone I had next to no interaction with. The whole crux of this secret Santa was that the gift had to be handmade. I may or may not have laughed in a maniacal manner when they said it had to be handmade. I was so prepared for this!


Usually I have a small amount of gifts that were already knit up for just such a purpose as this! Unfortunately I didn’t have anything that would work. I was watching my victim… I mean… giftee, to try to attain the perfect knitted accessory for her. I didn’t have time to do a sweater and she is very fashion forward. I decided to do something in a neutral colour in a shawl for her. That way it would match with everything! The fact that I’ve been dying to try out Hunter Hammersen’s Curls patterns was just a happy coincidence. I picked one of the easier patterns because I really didn’t have time to make something complicated. There was only a week’s worth of time to get it ready and there was a lot of actual Christmas shopping to do before then. I used some yarn from the stash and it worked out really perfect.

That’s not to say I didn’t go through a couple different variations. I tried two different types of yarn before I got the perfect one. I was slightly attached to this yarn, because there was some alpaca in it and it was so SO SO soft. It was black and white and I knew these weren’t colours that I would wear. Finally conceding that this was for a good cause and it would be selfish of me to keep yarn just for the purpose of feeling it up. The curl itself actually could not have turned out more perfect. There were two balls of this amazing yarn so I kept knitting on it right up until the night before I was supposed to give it as a gift. I just needed to do two rows in garter stitch then bind off and block, so I made it as big as I could have. The only photos I have are of it blocking and soaking. I never managed to get a photo of it on her or anything, but it saves me the extra step of attempting to explain what the photo was for and getting her permission to have her image displayed here.  I really loved knitting this curl and I really hope I get the opportunity to make more in the future!


The hat I was working on is a colour work hat I have been intending to make for about 2 years… possibly 3? It’s one of Tanis Fiber Arts Four Seasons Hat kits, I bought two just before they were out of production. I love colour work. I could work colour until the cows came home, left, then came home again, so it isn’t really surprising that I was all over this like white on rice. I think my gauge might be a little small though. All the people who have ever taken a class from me will gasp in horror that I DIDN’T DO A GAUGE SWATCH!! I know. Take a deep breath, it’s going to be okay. I am really hoping none of my students are actually reading this and if they are… this is one of those “do as I say not as I do” moments.

I think I can block it a little bigger. I am not worried that it won’t fit or anything, but I originally wanted it to be a bit roomy. We will see. I always have the next one if this one doesn’t turn out exactly as I planned. Now that I’ve been keeping my hair short I really appreciate all the hats and scarves that I have knit in the past. Having long hair actually keeps you rather warm, I never realized how much. Mind you, I really don’t miss it. I dislike being too warm, so layering scarves and hats really suits me.

TFA Four Seasons-5907

The sample sock I’ve been working on is something of a prototype for self striping Christmas colours. I am not sure if I want to share it yet, I am going to release it next year. I was thinking about trying to get it out before Christmas this year, but I really didn’t have the mental space to do it.

Look out for my next post talking about the scheduling of blog posts for the next year! If you miss me, it would make my day if you commented or emailed and let me know! I know I missed you!