A Little bit MORE of Everything

I feel like I should have more to say about the Knit City show on Saturday, but I really felt like it was a swirl of yarn, people and knitting accessories. I got to wander around a little more on Sunday; although Paul didn’t want me to stray too far in case someone came by with a question that he couldn’t answer. At which point I proceeded to remind him that all these problems will be solved when he gives in and learns how to knit. He was not amused.

Vancouver Stitch Please Booth-4440

Right across the hallway from us was the Spinning and Weaving Guild, they were there both days with spinning wheels and… weaving machines? Looms? At one point I was trying to explain weaving to Paul and the resulting conversation was completely and totally mind bending. I feel like I should have used visual aids. I think he may have said ‘ohhhh, I got it’ so I would stop talking and breaking his brain with my explanation. They were very nice and friendly ladies who were very happy to talk with me when I went over and asked about some NEON yarn one of them had found.

Vancouver Rainbow Yarn-4410

To our left was the Steamer Trunk booth. The lady working the booth was very nice as well. On the Sunday it felt a bit colder than the Saturday and we talked about how it was probably to encourage people to wear their hand knits. Her booth being a button and fabric booth, she had no such comforts. Luckily the booth on the other side of her, Baaad Anna’s, had a knit sample to keep her warm.
To our right, across the hall, was The Black Sheep, which was designated the most comfortable booth at the show. I told them they’ve got it right bringing in a nice cushiony armchair. When I went over to talk to them and complement them on their genius plan, they even pulled out a box as a foot stool for me. I would probably go with most comfortable booth AND most accommodating!
Knit City was a lot more relaxed on Sunday, but it gave me more one-on-one time with people. I was able to actually talk to people asking questions and it wasn’t a mad rush to spit out all the information I could before someone else needed me. Overall I REALLY REALLY enjoyed Knit City! There were a lot of interesting vendors and most of them were new to me! It was very interesting.

Vancouver Knit City-4432

That was the conclusion of the knitting portion of the vacation, we did more sightseeing the next day in Seattle. We were over in Seattle for a good 12 hours and saw as much as we possibly could. First we were going to have lunch in the Space Needle, but they were completely booked, so we went to a café across the street then went into the Chihuly Gardens and Glass. This place was really fascinating. Glass sculptures everywhere and most were seemingly abstract versions of plant life. It was very beautiful and the perfect day to be walking inside a garden.

Glass Gardens-4478

Next we were going to do an Underground tour of the abandoned tunnels under Pioneer square. Unluckily we happened to leave just as rush hour was starting and what should have been a 5 minute drive turned into a 45 minute drive. There was also a Seahawks game on somewhere downtown so people were all flocking in the same direction as us. We eventually made it and parked, but we had to take the tour an hour later than the one we had planned to see. This tour was fantastic! Really rich history, interesting stories and the funniest guide ever! I would recommend this tour to anyone traveling in that area; I would also probably take the tour again.

Sunset in Seattle-4533

That is all I have time to write about today! Regular blog posts will resume Next week and I promise you a couple long ones! There has been so much happening in my knitting world that I can hardly keep up!