It has been quite a long time since I did a post about what I’ve been watching on TV so I’ll give you an update. As many of you know, I can’t just sit there and watch TV I need to actually have my hands doing something. Perfect time for knitting really easy things! This IS the reason I have so many socks completed.


I finally finished season 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I must have gotten busy half way through the season and not finished watching them. Paul and I do like to binge watch TV shows so sometimes we wait until the season is actually over and then watch the whole season in a week. I was actually tweeting Super Karen from the Knit 1 Geek 2 podcast as I watched the season finale. She was much amused. I finally saw how things ended in that season and was able to get all the fantastic puns from the episode where Mega Maggie and Super Karen discuss the ending.


If you’re into the Marvel movies at all (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Avengers, Ant Man, etc.) this TV show adds another layer of depth. The TV show is intertwined intimately with the movies and there are little bits of information in the show, while not crucial to the story line, solve some of the small mysteries in the movies. I would highly recommend these if you enjoy the superhero movies.

We also got all caught up on Sleepy Hollow. I don’t believe I have actually talked about this show before. It has an intensely creepy vibe, as the name would suggest, but the first couple episodes are the highest on the creep-factor. They do mellow out a little bit after season one in general. Regardless, if you don’t like creepy things, I wouldn’t watch this. That being said, I wouldn’t classify this as horror, but not something to be watched when you’re home alone in the dark.


My favourite thing about this series is the interactions between the two main characters. Ichabod Crane is bewitched into a sleep for 200 years and wakes up in modern day Sleepy Hollow. There me meets lieutenant Abigail Mills. Crane was married in his time and through the course of the first episode you find out his wife is still around. Throughout the two seasons there is no sexual tension between Mills and Crane at all. There are interesting things happening with the plot line of Crane’s wife and himself, but no love triangle or catty jealousy between Mills and Mrs. Crane. That is INCREDIBLY refreshing to me and I love the banter and relationship between Mills and Crane. Great character development as well! Overall it is an extremely well written show!


I’ve also caught up on season ten of Supernatural. This TV show used to have a high creep-value as well, but mostly now there is a little bit more violence than Sleepy Hollow. The past four or five seasons have been markedly more religious in tone, but season ten managed to maintain the religious story line while getting back to monster-slaying in general. It really reminded me of the early seasons. It gives me hope for future seasons that they won’t hold the strictly religion based storyline of the past several seasons.
I have definitely caught up on a few other things since May, but I’ll have to let you know what they are another time… mostly because I can’t remember that far back. However with all the shows starting in the next month, it will definitely come up. I am really excited because the Doctor Who season premier happens the day before my birthday! A new episode of Doctor Who for my birthday, what more could a girl ask for?