A Rough Week

I haven’t done all that much knitting lately, as the title suggests it has been a really bad week. Before I get into that, I am going to mention that I am updating my Ravelry page with the finished information for the micro fibre tank I finished last week. I’ll post the finished object photos at the end of this post, to hopefully leave on a positive note.

Knitting and Fur-0457

I know I JUST introduced my furbabies in this post, and if you are friends with me on facebook you will know what happened. August 19th, Wednesday, Chloe had a major cardiac episode and passed away. She was only 5 years old and not sick at all. It was very sudden and left us devastated. She was my little knitting buddy and will be greatly missed. I went back and forth about if I should or should not say something on the blog. If it was appropriate, etc., but I was listening to a podcast today and the podcaster said that these podcasts, blogs and creative things we write are like chronicles of our lives and essentially our creative process.

Knitting and Fur-1297

Chloe was always on my lap when I was knitting and was a bright spot in my everyday life. She was forever chasing yarn and doing battle with my knitting needles. She especially liked biting the cable of my circular needles if I ever left them out. I am really going to miss those little tooth marks.

Microfiber Ribbon Yarn-3792

Now for the positive note I promised. I finally got around to taking a few finished object photos. After blocking the fabric grew a little bit so it is a little bit big. The microfiber ribbon is a little bit heavier than the yarn the original pattern was for as well so when I bend forward the fabric shifts a little more than I anticipated. It’s not indecent or anything, but it’s an unsettling feeling to have the fabric shifting around you like that. I think I might try to attach it from underneath to prevent the material from moving around quite so much.

Microfiber Ribbon Yarn-3795

I wonder if I throw it in the drier if it would shrink up a bit. I don’t think it will though because it is a synthetic fibre and not anything natural. It’s very cool though. When I went outside to take the photos it was very cool and I could feel the wind going through the shirt. I could imagine it would be very pleasant on a summer day.
Aside from this shirt I’ve started a couple new pairs of socks, but haven’t really worked very hard on any of them. The triathlon was this past weekend and I’ll be writing about that tomorrow.