I started something new! Today actually. I’ve been not knitting as much lately, kinda feeling out of my groove. It wasn’t too long ago that I was reminded about the Tess Fiber Arts Microfiber Ribbon I bought at Vogue Knitting Live. This was one of the purcheases I was specifically looking for in Chicago last year.


I bought it because I know I have a hard time knitting in the summer. I just don’t feel the same as in the winter, when you’re freezing your tail off and NEED a sweater right now or your going to loose the battle against hypothermia. Granted I keep my house pretty cold in the winter, but not quite THAT cold… to me anyway.


I had spent a lot of time going over patterns for this ribbon yarn and wanted the perfect pattern to complement it. After writing the post yesterday I realized this was itself a form of procrastination. If I knit something that was not absolutely perfect… I can always buy more yarn. I could get a different colour, I could use a different pattern! There are literally a thousand things I could do to change the outcome of knitting a tank with this yarn, but NOT knitting it would only turn out one way.


I started on this TODAY. Got home from the office, ate real quick and started by balling the first hank. You can’t use a ball winder on this yarn because it is too slippery. You need to keep a tension on it or else it will become hopelessly tangled. I did the first ball and started swatching immediately. I asked Paul if he wanted to ball the other two hanks because he seemed intrigued by the ribbon yarn and he readily did it. I guess he has recovered from the lace incident of 2013. I actually ball most of my own yarn now that I have a ball winder and swift.

I’ve started on a pattern and this is as far as I have gotten. Knitting with this yarn is like knitting with water; it’s going to have an awesome drape and cool finish. I am really looking forward to the rest of this garment! I’ve already changed the pattern significantly, but I think it will make this pattern completely in my tastes.