Chicago Vacation

For the past five days I’ve been in Chicago with my friend Marainne! I’ve been to Chicago a couple times before, but this was a first time for my partner in crime. We had a long list of sights to see and only three real days of sight seeing.

First of all we decided to drive because the flights were quite expensive. It was only supposed to be around 8 hours, but with the stops and traffic right at the end it ended up being 9-10 hours. We still managed to walk 7K to a restaurant; my favourite place, Vapiano.

Vacation Chicago-2871

Day two was intense we got to the cloud gate (the bean) and the Shedd Aquarium. We spent a lot of time in the aquarium so by the time we got out we just headed back to the hostel. After relaxing for a little bit, we looked around the neighbourhood. The other times I have gone to Chicago I stayed right downtown, this time we stayed in Wicker Park. It is a nice place with a lot of little shops and a few restaurants. We milled around a bit then stopped at a place, I cannot remember the name, but it had ‘Brewery’ in the title. I can’t seem to find it on a map either. I got a pulled pork quesadilla, which was fantastic! The rest of that night was kind of easy going.

The next day we took the car around to a couple places that weren’t easily reached by car. We stopped at REI to take a look for outdoors things and triathlon gear. There was a great deal of outdoors-y things, but not much of the triathlon gear that was online, but I did find one suit that I got to try on. It was in the clearance section but it turns out it is actually full price. Then we went by St Mary of the Angels church. It’s in a few of the books I read and the last time I was there it was raining, so I got some nice sunny pictures!

Vacation Chicago-2937

Then onto Downers Grove to Knitche, where a yarn crawl had just started! I bought a yarn crawl t-shirt, even though I wouldn’t be going to the other stores. It was good to be there again! I also had the BEST potato soup I’ve ever had at the Irish Pub down the street.

Vacation Chicago-2952

From there we went onto Navy Pier, and had dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. The last stop was at Willis Tower, were we watched a lightning storm move in. We got back to the hostel just in time to avoid the storm.

Vacation Chicago-3132

Last day we walked down by the river, along Wacker, to do the Magnificent Mile. There were a lot of stores to go through and we stopped for some deep-dish pizza along the way, of course. I brought home the second half of the pizza for Paul. There were two whole slices left and I didn’t want to carry around a pizza box, so I asked the waitress to put it in the smallest container she could. When she looked at me with confusion, I said “just take it as a challenge.” She came back with a container the size of a Bath and Body Works three-wick candle. I would say it was about 600ml? I didn’t manage to get a photo, as the pizza was consumed as soon as I got home.

Vacation Chicago-3413

After shopping, we went over to Buckingham Fountain. It was previously blocked off because of a huge music festival, lollapalooza. It was open on Monday though and we were able to walk through to see it in all it’s glory.

Vacation Chicago-3445

The drive back on Tuesday was quite long and the best thing about it (or perhaps the most terrifying) was seeing a truck that was supposedly filled with ‘Molten Sulpher.’ I immediately pointed out that of all the ways to go; that would make the top of many lists. I think it was praying on Marianne’s mind too because slightly later in the trip she pointed out a refrigerator truck and theorized that if the two were to crash, they might cancel one another out.
Maybe it was all the driving and the tired-ness that happens with that kind of long trek, but we found this absolutely hysterical. Overall I say it was a good trip, there was a lot of walking, but all worth it!