Adventures with Paracord

As you might have noticed, I’ve been pretending to be athletic this summer. This includes running and biking outside. I read other bloggers adventures in running, biking and hiking for inspiration and ideas but one post I saw changed my outlook on outdoor activity safety.


This was one of those posts about top 10 useful things for running or 5 pieces of gear you need to complete a triathlon. It was called a Road ID. It is a bracelet with your name, emergency contact information and any pressing medical conditions/allergies. You get to completely customize it so you can put whatever information you want onto it. I ended up putting my name, the city I live in, Paul’s number, my mom’s number and my antibiotic allergies.


I kind of went back and forth about the Road ID. It is a good investment, but is it worth it? Maybe I could do it myself cheaper. I couldn’t find a place to do the little metal plate cheaper. The plate is engraved and affixed to the bracelet. There was no where I could find that allowed so many lines of text for so cheap. I wasn’t really keen on the bracelet part of it though.


The bracelet is just a Velcro watch band, essentially. I could see it looking really good for a couple months and then looking absolutely horrible. I wanted something a bit more durable than Velcro as well. With a little bit of research online I found paracord bracelets. I went out and got the materials from Michael’s, it was not expensive at all. A couple of YouTube videos later I was in business.


The funny part was, I kept seeing ‘emergency paracord bracelet’ and I couldn’t figure out why it was an ‘emergency’ bracelet. If you unravel the bracelet you have an extra length of paracord. A friend actually had to tell me that.


It’s been keeping me out of trouble for a little bit and now I have an awesome bracelet wristband for my Road ID!!