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One thing Paul and I enjoy is having friends over for board games. Paul is friends with a lot of people who are really into games, so we get all the best reviews. Occasionally, someone will get a new game and we will all gather the troops. This past weekend we got everyone together for a game of werewolves.

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Paul and I had played one night werewolf with his brothers and a few of their friends. The premise of the game; everyone is dealt a random card with a character on it. It could be a villager, werewolf or special character. You look at your card and then everyone goes to ‘sleep’ (we close our eyes). The werewolves open their eyes and look at the other werewolves, so they all know who one another is. Then the special characters; the trouble maker can switch two people’s cards, robber can switch their card with another person’s, the drunk switches their card into the middle with a totally random card.

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Then we wake up. No one looks at their cards and you have five minutes to decide who the werewolf is. If you started out as a werewolf, you might not be anymore and if you were the drunk, you have no idea what you are. There are more special characters than those three, but it is a lot of fun. Much pointing and shouting.

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Our friends have the longer version of this game, Ultimate Werewolf. There is a story to this game and no switching of the cards. You are dealt a card and the werewolves kill off one person every ‘night’ (when everyone’s eyes are closed). It is a more intricate game, but just as fun. The objective is to find out who the werewolves are before they kill all the villagers. In this game there is a sheriff, so the person appointed sheriff got to wear the cowboy hat…. After that the hats kept multiplying.

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These two games are excellent party games and one night werewolf is quick and can be played with as little as two players, but is really best with 4-6 people. The Ultimate Werewolf is excellent for seasoned gamers and can handle from 6-30 people.