Athletics Update

Now that the weather is really nice out, the training for the Give it a Tri (now to be referred to as GT) has been going much easier. It’s nice to get outside and do things in the open air.
Last week I went for a run in our neighbourhood. Near my house there is a labyrinth of small residential roads; growing up in the country, I underestimated the complexity of these roads. I started my run in an area I knew and worked my way over to places I had not explored. I knew the general direction I was going and a few of the key road names, so I was watching out to pass a road I knew. The running section of the GT is only 2.5K and I usually run around 3-4K. This time, I ended up running 6K… because I got lost.

Athletics Update-2461

I had to actually take my phone out and pull up the map in order to make sure I was actually heading home. As it turned out, I was heading in the right direction, I was just going the long way around.

We manage to see Canadian geese every bike ride!

We manage to see Canadian geese every bike ride!

I’ve been getting up around 5am (or trying to) in order to get to the gym, but my schedule has been atypical the whole month of June. This week, we got Canada Day off in the middle of the week, which threw me off. I have high hopes for getting to the gym on time with July though!

Athletics Update-2400

I’ve been really focused on fuelling properly for these bouts of physical activity. Paul and I usually go on a bike ride Sundays. I’ll go for a short run immediately after to practice my transitions. A few weeks ago I felt really shaky after the bike ride and ended up not going for the run portion. I think it was a dip in my blood sugar level; I probably had not eaten enough before hand. It happened once or twice more so I’ve been watching what I eat a little more carefully. I got a free app for tracking diet, which I started on the first day of the ‘Oh Canada Ribfest’ here in Waterdown. If there was any meal that need not be recorded, it would be that one.
New gear consists of a helmet! There are a lot of rules and regulations about the type of helmet and the certifications etc, etc. I got a new one to make sure everything was up to code and if I should get checked, there are no problems.

Athletics Update-2394

I am still looking into what I am going to wear because the bane of my existence is struggling with a sports bra with damp skin. You need to be some kind of cross between a cirque du soleil contortionist and a greased weasel to make that situation work. I’ll just let you marinate on what that would actually look like. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!