It has been a long time since I’ve written about the books I am currently into. I really fell off the book wagon and didn’t keep up with the series I read. When I came around to it, there were two more books out for the Chloe Neill, Chicagoland Vampires series.

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This book series is one of my favourites and a blogged about it way back in April 2014. The last time I checked in, I was waiting for the next book to come out around August 2014. I was so excited for the book release, but didn’t manage to check it out when the time came. I suppose that was only two months before the wedding and one month before the Kitchener/Waterloo show so I was, unsurprisingly, preoccupied.

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I realized I was TWO WHOLE BOOKS BEHIND when I was recommending this series to a friend. When I looked up the order of the books, there were two I didn’t have! I actually love it when that happens because you get a new book without the wait. Usually when I finish a book I am hunting down the release date for the next one immediately.

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I really love the energy this series gives. They’re a fun read and very descriptive. I swear I gain weight every time I go over these books; all the food descriptions are to die for. The next book in this series is coming out in March of 2016. I am going to mark that one on my calendar and try not to miss it!!

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Chloe Neill is coming out with another series, the Devil’s Isle books. I am really looking forward to checking this book out! I really love Chloe Neill’s writing style and can’t wait to see what she has coming out next!