Technical Tuesday: Ravelry

I know I have talked about Ravelry on and off through out the years, but it still surprises me when I tell people to add me on Ravelry and they don’t realize they can do that. Ravelry is an amazing tool for knitters that can really take your knitting to the next level. Today I am going to link you to a few videos about basics on Ravelry.

Adding a project! When you knit something you can link to the pattern, yarn, needle size you used. You can also add notes to a project. If you had a problem with a pattern or the yarn changed drastically after you blocked it, you can make a note and the next person to use that yarn/pattern won’t be surprised! It’s an infinitely helpful tool and it also helps you keep track of your own projects. If you forgot what size needles you used for a certain garment, you can go back and take a look at your Ravelry project page.

There thousands of patterns on Ravelry and you can narrow down the results by using the advanced search! If you’re looking for socks, and you just search ‘socks’ you are going to get thousands of hits. If you’re looking for a certain weight of yarn or brand of yarn, you can activate these advanced search options.

The Library! If you buy a pattern, it automatically goes into the pattern library, but you can also add books and magazines you have. This is great for keeping track of your physical library and what patterns are in those magazines and books.
A few other useful tools to check out on your own are your queue, stash and the best part; going into your friends profiles to see what they have been working on. I always find out about the best patterns by looking at what people have queued! Find a couple friends with similar taste and see what they’ve been working on!