Technical Tuesday: Weaving in the Ends

This is probably my least fun part of knitting a garment for me. It was something I struggled with when I was first starting to knit, how could you just tuck these ends away and expect them to stay there?! What if they came out? My whole garment would unravel! I wrote a post about weaving in the ends as you go, but for those who prefer to do them separately, here are the videos.

There are a number of reasons a knitter would want to wait till the end to weave in all their ends. If you might have to frog the project, it makes actually finding the ends a lot easier. If you’re watching how much wool you’re using and need to see where you added a new ball.

Weaving in your ends is one of the skills that take your knitting from homemade to hand-made. If ends aren’t woven in well, it’s a noiceable feature. Mind you it is a skill that takes time to learn. I know I watched a lot of videos about weaving in ends and I am still learning little tips and tricks to make the ends less noticeable and more secure.