Technical Tuesday: I-Cord

One of the most versatile knitting techniques I have ever seen is the i-cord. This can be used to create a nice edge either on the cast on or bind off side of things. You can also use it to create a stand alone tube which would serve well in any kind of toy knitting.

I think this i-cord bind off would look fantastic on the end of sleeves. In the video the maker mentions a whole slew of uses, any one of them would make hand made garments look more professionally finished.

This is the same cast on I used for the Tanis Fibre Arts Fiddlehead Mitten pattern. It was one of the first modified cast on’s I ever tried, but I absolutely love it! It gives such a nice clean edge, which I am always a fan of.

This is i-cord added on after to clean up the edges of your knitting. I would use this on scarves, button bands or anywhere you have an edge that you wish looked a little neater!

Finally here is the stand-alone i-cord. This is what I used for the arms and legs of the Mochimochi toys I was knitting in Chicago.


There are thousands of uses and these are only four of the videos out there catering to i-cords. Give them a try and see where they take you. I feel like i-cords are something of a gateway to really interesting knitting. They look much more difficult than they are and look really great!