Much More Knitting!

The past couple weeks have been so insanely busy I’ve felt like I was neglecting my knitting. Not only that, but I really didn’t have too much to tell you about the past few Wednesday’s! I did some work on the next self striping sock I am going to release next month and I even had time to work on the second sock for the set I am doing for Paul.

05 20 2015 Socks-3

I am giving the photo in black and white because I want the colours to be something of a surprise! I’ve been hard at work in the dye lab coming up with new and exciting things. The best part about experimenting is the mistakes you make! Sometimes you have something specific in your mind and you set out to accomplish that task, but you accidentally create something so much better than your first thought! It’s a constant learning process and I really enjoy it!

05 20 2015 Socks-2

Now, have I got a story about Paul’s second sock! This sock keeps trying to wander off on it’s own. The past weekend was Victoria Day and, therefore, a long weekend. My parents always have fireworks out on their farm, so we went down for the weekend to hang out with all my aunts, uncles and cousins. I was sitting outside, next to the fire pit, knitting along on the socks. When the time came for fireworks everyone moved their lawn chairs over to the field to watch. At this point I set my knitting bag, with the socks, needles and yarn, on my lap. I didn’t knit during the fireworks because dropping stitches is just going to happen way too often when you violently jump at loud sounds.
After the fireworks, everyone moved their chairs back over to the fire pit. I stood up and followed suit completely forgetting the fabric, knitting bag on my lap. Through my thick sweater I didn’t notice it fall to the ground. At this point I was totally wiped out and ready to sleep, so I immediately made my way to bed. The next morning I had some problems finding my knitting. Re-tracing my steps I realized I must have left it outside and went out to get the poor damp, dew-soaked knitting bag. It was a sorry sight and looked at me reproachfully as I brought it back in the house, but after I left it in a warm place for a few hours, it was good as new… okay maybe not ‘new’, but dry at the very least.

05 20 2015 Socks-1

This was the most spectacular episode of this knitting running away from me, but certainly not the only one. I dropped it in the laneway of a friend’s house when I was walking in and failed to notice it fall. Luckily I am constantly knitting and instantly noticed it’s absence. Once again at my parents place, I tossed it in a corner with my purse when my mom needed something and couldn’t find it when I went back. It turned out to be behind the bag beside my purse, but that was only after I had spent a good 10 minutes going ‘I KNOW I threw it into this corner. I REMEMBER IT!!!’
I am really close to being done this sock, but I am going to have to keep an eye on it. If the current chain of events continues who knows where I will end up leaving it?!