Knitting… Not Working

This past week as been so crazy busy I hardly know what to talk about. We are going to be starting a knitting club at work, which is really exciting! I am in the process of writing my next article for Addicted to Sock Knitting and writing something new!

Working May 13 2015

New knitting club at work! Believe it or not, I was totally not the one who inspired this! There were a couple ladies who were thinking it would be nice to get a social group together, but they didn’t knit. An email was sent out to another knitter to see if she would be willing to teach anyone who wanted to learn, but her schedule was a bit uncertain and she referred the email to me.

Paul Socks May 13 2015

I think this is a great idea because no matter what kind of job you have, there are stresses involved with it. Just 20 minutes of knitting lowers your heart rate and blood pressure; helps clear your mind and bring on a meditative state. Okay, okay, unless you’re doing something extremely complicated, like short rows or incredibly intricate lace work.

Buddy and Snail My 13 2015

Growing a knitting community is never a bad thing either! I find a lot of the bigger knitting gatherings are too far of a drive. I’ve found a couple in Guelph or Toronto, which are both a 45-minute drive for me… on a good day; with traffic that could be up to an hour, maybe more. I have no doubt there are more knitting groups in the area, it’s just a matter of finding them! Then of course… making time to go!

With the next issue coming up fast, I am all over Addicted to Sock Knitting. This eZine is packed full of everything you need to know for socks! My love for all things sock knitting is not subtle or small, so you can imagine me drooling over all the amazing photos in their facebook group. It makes me want to run out right now and buy yarn… and by run out and buy yarn I mean on Etsy.

Rainbow and Snippet May 13 2015

There are going to be a couple posts, by me, to the new blog KNITmuch. This blog is coming soon and I can’t wait! There is going to be a lot of great content happening over there! Check out their facebook page as well, around January there are some photos of Vogue Knitting Live NYC 2015 and some yarn stores!
Just from looking at the photos from VKL I instantly wish I could go back, unfortunately I am going to be missing this year’s VKL Chicago. It is happening the first weekend in October when we are vending at Knit Social in Vancouver. I can’t wait to check out some of the BC knitting stores though! It is my first trip there and I am going to make the most of it!!!!!